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Love in Limbo

Love in Limbo (David Elfick, 1993) aka The Great Pretender; wr. John Cundill; Craig Adams, Aden Young, Maya Stange, Samantha Murray, Russell Crowe, Rhondda Findleton; WA; 90 min. DVD, 99 min. tape; three boys drive to Kalgoorlie to lose their virginity

Charming film with lovely 1950s production design. Only two negatives for me: Crowe's 'Welsh' accent, and ... Aden Young.

The film's art direction (by David McKay) looks like a Norgen Vaas icecream counter. Exaaggerated pastel colours reincarnate a glorious 1950s suburbia which has nothing to do with documentary recreation and everything to do with evoking a nostalgic memory that is universally pleasing. ...
Of all the things celebrated in Love in Limbo, it is the romantic vision of a mythical Australia and the glory of its values that help give the film heart, however rose-coloured. There is male bonding through drinking, defiance of authority, larrikins, soft-hearted macho men and golden-hearted whores. Jim Schembri, Murray: 363.

Laid-back and gratifying comedy with nice performances from the young leads making the most of the flimsy material. Harrison, 2nd ed.: 88.

Garry Gillard | New: 17 November, 2012 | Now: 22 June, 2020