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Love in Limbo

Love in Limbo (David Elfick, 1993) aka The Great Pretender; prod. David Elfick, wr. John Cundill, music Peter Kaldor, dp Stephen F. Windon, prod. design David McKay, art dir. Michael Philips; Craig Adams, Aden Young, Maya Stange, Samantha Murray, Russell Crowe, Rhondda Findleton, Bill Young, Leith Taylor, Jill Perryman, Robert van Mackelenberg, Peter de Bari, Aranthe Galani, Faye Mataxas, Igor Sas, Vincent Ball, Daina Reid, Catherine Richardson, Pat Skevington, Geoffrey Gibbs, Margaret Ford, Ramsay McLean, George Shevtsov, Eric Rasumssen, Craig Calhoun, Doug Williams, Niall Mather, Sarah Atkins, Rosemary Lenzo, Teresa Stewart, John Edmunds, Andrew Warwick, Little Willie Littlefield, Glenn Hayden, Diane Jeffries, Kate Hall, Julia Moody, Emily Bott, Annie Murtagh-Monks, Michele Stayner, Angelique Malcolm, Robert Faggetter, Paula Forrest, Anthony Ingersent; WA; 90 min. DVD, 99 min. tape; three boys drive to Kalgoorlie to lose their virginity

Charming film with lovely 1950s production design. Only two negatives for me: Crowe's 'Welsh' accent, and ... Aden Young.

Jim Schembri:
The film's art direction (by David McKay) looks like a Norgen Vaas icecream counter. Exaaggerated pastel colours reincarnate a glorious 1950s suburbia which has nothing to do with documentary recreation and everything to do with evoking a nostalgic memory that is universally pleasing. ...
Of all the things celebrated in Love in Limbo, it is the romantic vision of a mythical Australia and the glory of its values that help give the film heart, however rose-coloured. There is male bonding through drinking, defiance of authority, larrikins, soft-hearted macho men and golden-hearted whores. Jim Schembri, Murray: 363.

Laid-back and gratifying comedy with nice performances from the young leads making the most of the flimsy material. Harrison, 2nd ed.: 88.

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