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Metal Skin

Metal Skin (Geoffrey Wright, 1995) wr. Geoffrey Wright, prod. Daniel Scharf, Southern Star; Aden Young (Joe), Tara Morice (Savina), Ben Mendelsohn (Dazey), Nadine Garner (Roslyn), Chantal Contouri (Savina's mother); drama, thriller

Psycho Joe [Young], urban misfit, craves the respect of his peers on the streets and the love of a nice girl {Morice] who secretly practises black magic.

Geoffrey Wright is the powerful film-maker who directed Romper Stomper and more recently Macbeth. This is his take on revhead culture, but it's not merely realistic: it has a legendary dimension.
That is despite its having three of the most mediocre actors in Australian cinema: Young, Morice, and Garner, tho each has been the lead actor in at least one feature. Mendo is great, as always.

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