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A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays (Matthew Saville, 2015) wr. Matthew Saville; Anthony LaPaglia, Julia Blake, Justine Clarke, John Clarke; Miserable real estate agent Frank, whose business is failing and his relationship with his family is at an all-time low, meets by chance Sarah (Julia Blake), a nice woman who reminds him of his mother. Their friendship starts healing him emotionally.

Ben Kenigsberg:
Life is a housing auction, or at least a prolonged bargaining effort, in A Month of Sundays, a contrived coping drama from Australian TV and film director Matthew Saville (Noise, Felony) in which a sad-sack housing broker learns to appreciate life from an older woman who reminds him of his mother. Delicate performances by Anthony LaPaglia and Julia Blake go a long way toward making the trite plotting seem sophisticated from moment to moment, but commercial prospects are as mild as the movie itself. Variety.

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