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Needle (John V. Soto, 2010) Ben Mendelsohn, John Jarratt, Khan Chittenden, Luke Carroll, Michael Loney, James Hagan; horror; Western Australia; WA

It's good to see St George’s College (UWA Crawley, WA) used at a location (tho it has changed sex and become St Mary’s). I found the central device (in the literal sense) to be effective (in both senses).

Taking a fresh twist on the college campus serial killer sub genre of horror, John V. Soto delivers an engaging and well executed supernatural thriller in which mechanical voodoo (not the hip hop band) is the weapon of choice for the killer. Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile.

Garry Gillard | New: 25 October, 2012 | Now: 24 June, 2020