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The Nostradamus Kid

The Nostradamus Kid (Bob Ellis, 1993) wr. Bob Ellis, dp Geoff Burton; Noah Taylor, Miranda Otto, Arthur Dignam, Peter Gwynne, Jack Campbell, Erick Mitsak, Loene Carmen, Alice Garner, Lucy Bell, Jeanette Cronin, Hec McMillan, Colin Friels, Bob Maza

Bob Ellis:
That year at Seventh Day Adventist Camp there occurred the events that, in The Nostradamus Kid, a little fantasticated, were dramatised with as much emotional truth as I could muster. There was an English girl, Ruth, whose moustachioed father was an Adventist minister, and whose sister Ngaere was equally beautiful - beautiful English skins, both of them, and a shared serene look - and dreamingly, longingly, incompetently, stupidly I sought her love. I probably would have did settled for her sister, so much in love with love I was that year, at fourteen, knowing little of what it was. I lurked round tents, wrote letters, her father read the letters, I was warned off, came back ... One night I walked twenty miles, walked all night, to stand outside the beachside house she was in, reciting ‘The Ancient Mariner’ to keep my courage up. She came to the window, looked out, didn’t see me ... Bob Ellis, In His Own Words, 2015: 44.

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