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Not Suitable for Children

Not Suitable for Children (Peter Templeman, 2012) Sarah Snook, Ryan Kwanten, Ryan Corr, Bojana Novakovic, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Zoe Carides, Laura Brent, Alice Parkinson; romcom; WA

I enjoyed this very much, above all due to the participation of Sarah Snook. A romcom does not usually require much of its actors, as seen here in Ryan Kwanten's charming but straightforward playing. However, Sarah Snook brings so much to her character that it tends to lift the film out of its genre up to something universal. This may well be on account of Peter Templeman's excellent direction of the actors, as everyone does well. As I was disinterested in Kwanten's character in Griff the Invisible but totally engaged with the one in this film, my hypothesis is that it's down to Templeman. I expect he will go far.

Update: as at 2017, Templeman had not made another feature film; however, Sarah Snook has gone on to Hollywood, and a brilliant career there, so I'm pleased that I was able to perceive her great ability as early as her first feature. So did Lynden Barber, in his review for SBS. The Variety reviewer, however, thought the film headed for oblivion.

What lifts this Australian romantic-comedy above the level of most of its Hollywood counterparts is the reality of the characters and the situations and the honesty of the film's approach. Once you accept the fact that Jonah has this strong desire for parenthood, everything falls into place. Based on a screenplay by Michael Lucas, based in part on his own experiences, the film adroitly mixes intimate drama and comedy. It's a fine job from first-time feature director Peter Templeman whose short film, The Saviour, was an Oscar nominee a while back. David Stratton, At the Movies

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