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Nude Tuesday

Nude Tuesday (Armagan Ballantyne, 2022) wr. Jackie van Beek, Armagan Ballantye; Jackie van Beek, Damon Harriman, Jemaine Clement; comedy; NZ

Nudity aside, this is a conventional comedy of manners. Except for the language. The conceit is that it's set in an isolated country in the Pacific Ocean where they speak something that sounds a bit like Swedish. It's therefore necessary to read subtitles throughout, which will deter some people. In another quirk, the subtitles (and there is more than one iteration) were written by someone who hadn't read the script, and so was imagining what the characters were saying. None of which makes the film any funnier. However, it could be said that it makes it more Kiwi.

Michael Sun thought it worked:
In the pantheon [sic] of invented languages, there have been many of studied, intricate beauty: Elvish, Klingon, Na’vi. Nude Tuesday’s language is not one of them. It is lewd and crude, landing somewhere between a bad ABBA impression and backpackers at Oktoberfest. It’s as though an alien learnt Swedish entirely through Ikea’s most misjudged product names – and it is utterly delightful. The Guardian.

Garry Gillard | New: 17 July, 2022 | Now: 6 August, 2022