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Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Coarse Language (Brad Hayward, 1998) wr. Brad Hayward, prod. Brad Hayward, Trish Piper; Sara Browne, Astrid Grant, Nicholas Bishop, Michael Walker, Lisa Denmeade, Michelle Fillery, Belinda Hoare; Village Roadshow, Flickering Films, Very Chancy Material, romantic comedy, 81 min.

The movie Occasional Coarse Language (Brad Hayward, 1998) has this warning at the front: ‘Medium Level Coarse Language’. Seriously. Censors have no sense of humour.

The slice of life story holds up well, especially as Hayward resists the temptation to find easy devices with which to manipulate our feelings in respect of his central character, Min. While she does have a journey with an upbeat conclusion, it is not so pat and not so neat as to be fake. It’s just typically Australian and optimistic. Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile.

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