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Of an Age

Of an Age (Goran Stolevski, 2023) Elias Anton, Thom Green, Hattie Hook; gayrom; released 23Mar23

Travis Johnson:
Macedonian-Australian director Goran Stolevski is having a good run at the moment. His arthouse folk horror You Won’t Be Alone has won wide acclaim, and his next film, Of An Age, has already done incredibly well on the festival loop, having taken out the CinefestOZ $100,000 Film Prize. Starring Elias Anton, Thom Green and Hattie Hook, Of An Age starts in the Summer of 1999 when an unexpected, intense, and short romance blossoms between a seventeen-year-old Serbian ballroom dancer and his best friend’s big brother. A decade later the pair reunite for a bittersweet meditation on fleeting love., 3 January 2023.

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