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One Night Stand

One Night Stand (John Duigan, 1984) wr. John Duigan; Cassandra Delaney, Saskia Post, Tyler Coppin, Jay Hackett; the Bomb has just been dropped and four young people are trapped in the Sydney Opera House

This is the second film written by Duigan with a group of four teenagers, the first being Mouth to Mouth.

Four teenagers in a Sydney theatre are astounded to hear the news that a nuclear war has broken out in Eastern Europe. They try to figure out the best way they can survive the coming conflagration. IMDb.

Duigan attempts to alter the audience's perception of the reactions to a nuclear confrontation by initially establishing the stereotypical characeristics of three of the teenagers ... who are primarily interested in the opposite sex and having fun. The regeneration and (perhaps) growth in their reactions comes about slowly and it is probably hoped that the target audience will also change its attitude accordingly. Geoff Mayer, Murray: 150.

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