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On Our Selection (1932)

On Our Selection (Ken G. Hall, 1932) aka Down on the Farm, Cinesound Productions, prod. Bert Bailey, wr. Bert Bailey, Ken G. Hall from works of Steele Rudd, dp Walter Sully, sound Arthur Smith, Clive Cross, technical support Bert Cross; Bert Bailey, Fred MacDonald, Alfreda Bevan


Based not on Steele Rudd's stories but on the stage play by Bert Bailey and Edmund Duggan, Ken Hall's film differed markedly from Raymond Longford's version of 1920. ... Despite his inexperience and the difficulties of the production, Hall forcefully displayed the traits that came to characterise all of his work: his taste for broad farce, his sophisticated visual sense, which enabled him to construct his films on familiar Hollywood models (already in this film cutting freely between a variety of camera set-ups and making fluid use of close-ups, long shots and camera movements), and above all his constant attention to the expectations of his future audience. ... the film was an enormous box-office success, equalled in its time by few productions, local or overseas. Pike & Cooper: 157, 158.

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