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The Orator

The Orator (Tusi Tamasese, 2011) aka O Le Tulafale; Fa'afiaula Sanote, Tausili Pushparaj, Salamasina Mataia; first feature from Samoa

The Orator, as the first aboriginal film from Samoa, is very disappointing. The plot depends upon an absolutely essential attribute of the principal actor (and therefore the main character) which I’ll not reveal here, but which has absolutely nothing whatsoever in itself to do with Samoan culture. It’s both revealed and concealed in the poster.

Yet for all its intricacies and interest, the screenplay is a little opaque at times, and the story elements fade from our vision like ghosts of the elders so revered by this community. We also have to change cultural gears to fully comprehend ... Andrew L Urban, Urban Cinefile.

Garry Gillard | New: 17 October, 2012 | Now: 26 June, 2020