Paper Planes

Paper Planes (Robert Connolly, 2014) aka How to Make a Paper Plane; wr. Robert Connolly, Steve Worland, prod. Arenamedia, dist. Cinemaplus, Arclight; David Wenham, Sam Worthington, Anthony LaPaglia, Ed Oxenbould, Alex Williams; childrens; MIFF; Aust general release 15 Jan 2015

It’s the children, however, Connolly assigns as the designated drivers. They not only pull all the levers in the story but are also in charge of communicating its key messages. This sometimes leads to plausibility gaps where the young cast are fed adult lines (“I’m going to stay with you for as long as it takes”) but feeds into a larger purpose of empowering the target audience with characters they are inspired by and can relate to. Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian.

There is a sense of expectation as the competition progresses and Connolly shoots the scenes in such a way that it is easy to become mesmerized by the paper planes as they glide effortlessly through the air. Filmed in remote Western Australia, Sydney and Tokyo, the film looks great through Tristan Milani's lens and Nigel Westlake's melodic score adds to the experience. Connolly avoids schmaltz, leaving the emotional heart of the film to beat on its own merits; I was surprised to be moved on occasions and found myself wiping away a couple of tears through the proceedings. Louise Keller, urbancinefile.

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