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Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers (Gaylene Preston, 2003) wr. Gaylene Preston, dp Alun Bollinger; Sam Neill, Rachael Blake, Joel Tobeck; prod. Huntaway Films (Sam Neill, John Clarke, Jay Cassells); NZ

I watched this several times, trying to figure out 'what really happened'. It's an intriguing film.

A woman kidnapped by a secret admirer turns the tables on her captor with unexpected results in Perfect Strangers, an intriguing, virtually unclassifiable romantic thriller fantasy. Centering on another fine performance from Rachael Blake, the Aussie actress in Lantana, and featuring an enigmatic turn by Sam Neill (in his first Kiwi based film since The Piano 10 years ago), Gaylene Preston's generally taut and well directed pic is her best work in film to date and should result in solid business in Australasia with every chance for arthouse and ancillary in other territories. David Stratton, Variety.

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