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Pictures (Michael Black, 1981) wr. Robert Lord, John O'Shea, prod. John O'Shea, Pacific Films; Kevin J. Wilson, Peter Vere-Jones, Helen Moulder, Elizabeth Coulter; photographers in 1880s NZ; in pioneer New Zealand, two brothers learn about the realities of their new and different life; 87 min.

I gather this a dramatised bio doco about two brothers who were photographic pioneers. It's a poor film. Either the editor, John Kiley, didn't know what he was doing or, more likely, the director didn't shoot enough coverage to get him enough to work with. The result is a film with poor continuity. It's also generally uninteresting in most respects, in my opinion. Michael Black made only this one film.

Garry Gillard | New: 19 December, 2014 | Now: 14 June, 2022