The Reckoning

Reckoning, The (John V. Soto, 2014) Filmscope Entertainment, prod. Deidre Kitcher; Luke Hemsworth, Jonathan LaPaglia, Viva Bianca, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Alex Williams, Igor Sas, Nicola Bartlett, Kazimir Sas, James Hagan; crime; WA; Australian premiere at CinefestOZ 21 August 2014, limited release from 5 September

"The thing with crime thrillers [as a genre] is that they tend to follow the same formula,” he says. “The detective is hunting someone down, and they always show the detective’s point of view - him trying to solve the case and looking at evidence and going to laboratories. That stuff is boring and has been done a million times. I just thought ‘what if we told the story from both points of view? From the teenagers’ point of view and the detective’s point of view and we intercut it together'?" John Soto, from an interview with Emily Blatchford in IF.

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