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The River Kings

The River Kings (Donald Crombie, 1991) miniseries; wr. Max Fatchen (novels), Rob George; David Bradshaw, Reg Evans, Willie Fennell, Bill Kerr, Tamblyn Lord; Murray River paddle-boats

This is rubbish. I haven't read the novels (in fact I've never heard of this author) so I don't know whether to blame mostly him or Rob George, but the latter doesn't have a sparkling record in film. It's a guilty displeasure, because Bill Kerr can't help being good, but the rest of the cast are in something like pantomime. Tamblyn Lord grins his way throughout, and the token chick, Kate Mulcahy, never got another gig. It's a pity, because the producers had a unique opportunity, and the resources, to create a meaningful representation of the phenomenon of Murray River paddleboats. I'm not aware of anything else which has had a go at it.

Garry Gillard | New: 16 August, 2014 | Now: 28 June, 2020