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Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run (Daina Reid, tba) wr. Hannah Kent; Sarah Snook, Damon Herriman, Greta Scacchi, Lily LaTorre; supernatural thriller

Travis Johnson:
Sarah Snook takes time out from trying to impress Brian Cox in Succession to play a fertility doctor in this supernatural thriller from director Daina Reid) and screenwriter Hannah Kent. Snook’s Sarah thinks she has a handle on life, death, and the firm divide in between, but when her daughter Mia starts acting unusually after her seventh birthday, she must come to terms with both a possible supernatural explanation and her own traumatic past.
We tend to do well with spooky kids in richly psychological thrillers (see: The BabadookCelia), and this latest entry into the subgenre will be getting an airing at Sundance in January before a wider release later in the year. Damon Herriman, Greta Scacchi and Lily LaTorre co-star., 3 January 2023.

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