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Separation City

Separation City (Paul Middleditch, 2009) NZ; Joel Edgerton, Danielle Cormack, Rhona Mitra

I found this to be of little interest. As a commenter in says, it's a romcom with not much rom ... and very little com either. So it's unfortunate for Joel Edgerton that he wasted his time with it: his performance towers above everything else in the film. Worst performance: that of the director, who has no control over this shambles.

It's as if the script had started out as a TV sitcom (with Wellington presented as the Separation City of the title, full of separated men) and was scaled up for the big screen ...
Performances are pitched at differing levels, with Alan Lovell's politician, Archie Boyle, channelling Sir Les Patterson while most of the others are grounded in naturalist reality. Joel Edgerton gives Simon a credible and complex persona, a flawed character who is genuinely searching for answers to his relationship problems. The acclaimed Danielle Cormack does wonders with a difficult and important role as his wife Pam ... Andrew Urban, urbancinefile.

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