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The Shattered Illusion

Shattered Illusion, The* (A.G. Harbrow, 1928) wr. A.G. Harbrow, Victorian Film Productions, dp Reg Robinson; 5000 ft (?) J. Robertson Aiken, Gret Wiseman, Don Winder, Mary McDermott, Jack Hooper, A.G. Harbrow, Alec Sutherland, Norman Arthur , Clare Dight

A financier, Lewis Alden, who believes himself indispensable to his many business operations, suffers a breakdown and loses his memory. He joins the crew of a ship and is marooned after a storm at sea. The shock of the wreck gives him back his memory, and he is overwhelmed with anxiety about his business affairs. One day he finds a drifting lifeboat and a chest of newspapers. To his dismay he reads that his companies have prospered in his absence, and his illusions of self-importance are shattered. He finds solace in the arms of Joyce, another survivor of the wreck, and after their rescue he goes to live with her in the tropical paradise of her family's plantation in New Guinea.
This scarcely credible plot, with its moral that no man is indispensable except to the woman who loves him, relies heavily on its titles and newspaper inserts for continuity. Interiors were shot during the last half of 1927 in a backyard studio in the Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford, and exteriors were staged on bayside beaches. Victorian Film Productions announced in January 1928 that the film was ready for release, and a few screenings followed in the Melbourne suburbs. The company persevered with two more films, a comedy short, The Tramp (1929), and another feature, Tiger Island (1930), both directed by Gerald M Hayle. Pike & Cooper: 142-3.

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Pike & Cooper: 142-3.

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