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Slam (Partho Sen-Gupta, 2018) wr. Partho Sen-Gupta; Adam Bakri, Rachael Blake, Rebecca Breeds

Ricky Nasser is a young Australian whose peaceful suburban life turns into hell when sister Ameena, a slam poet, disappears without a trace.

The rhythm and power of a poetry slam are featured in the film Slam. Directed by Sunrise director, Partho Sen-Gupta, it is a powerful look at race and gender relations.

Ameena, a slam poet who endorses violence to be met with violence, goes missing. Ricky, her brother, who’s more accustomed to spending time with his pregnant wife at sophisticated dinner parties, goes looking for her. There is a clash of cultures as Ricky has to attend to his pregnant wife and the anguish of his family. The clash is between those with scarred experiences versus the comfortable locals with fear-induced prejudices.
It’s also the story of Joanne, the police officer who is assigned to go looking for Ameena. She has her own demons to deal with while looking for a missing person. Michael Collins, 2SER.

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