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The Spirit Of Gallipoli

Spirit Of Gallipoli, The* (Keith Gategood, William Green, 1928) prod. Keith Gategood, William Green, wr. Hal Carleton, dp Jack Fletcher; 5000 ft; Keith Gategood, William Green, Samuel Harris, Gwen Sherwood, Marie Miller

A rebellious young Australian reluctantly enters the army and is gradually moulded into a responsible adult. After winning distinction in service, he marries and settles down on a farm.
This simple film-with-a-purpose was made by two young army trainees in Sydney, with a cast of amateurs. Their aim was to promote the value of military training in peacetime, and the only glimpses of war appeared in a dream sequence of the Anzacs fighting at Gallipoli. The film was completed early in 1928 and distribution was arranged in Australia and New Zealand through the Fox Film Corporation. It opened at the Piccadilly Theatre, Sydney, on 17 March but attracted little attention. Pike & Cooper: 143.

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