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Spotswood (Mark Joffe, 1992) aka The Efficiency Expert; Anthony Hopkins, Ben Mendelsohn, Alwyn Kurts, Bruno Lawrence, John Walton, Rebecca Rigg, Toni Collette, Russell Crowe; mocassin factory shaken by arrival of time-and-motion expert

Charming little film, the only one to bring Hopkins and Crowe together.

Hopkins (who made this movie soon after winning the Oscar for Lambs), has a light in his eye that nudges the story to another level. It is about eccentricity, yes, and paternalism and romance and goofy supporting characters, but it's also about forgetting your stopwatch and pausing to hear the music. Roger Ebert.

Don Groves, 'Murdoch and the moccasins movie', IF.

Garry Gillard | New: 22 November, 2012 | Now: 27 December, 2019