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The Squatter's Daughter

The Squatter's Daughter (Ken G. Hall, 1933) prod. Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wrs Gayne Dexter, E. V. Timms, play by 'Albert Edmunds' (Bert Bailey & Edmund Duggan), photography: Frank Hurley, George Malcolm; Owen Ainley, W. Lane Bayliff, Dorothy Dunkley, Jocelyn Howarth, George Lloyd, Grant Lyndsay, Fred Macdonald, Claude Turton, Katie Towers, Les Warton, John Warwick; 35 mm, 104 min. Romeo and Juliet story


I guess Ken G. Hall had a lot on his mind, making his first sound film, and didn't have time to write the script. Mind you, I did fall asleep during my two attempts to get through this, but I don't think I missed much.

Billed as a 'Mighty Epic of Australia's Great Open Spaces', and premiered on 29 September 1933 with the full force of Cinesound's energetic promotions team, the film was a marked financial success. It ... ran for ten weeks, with long seasons in other capitals. By 1935 it had grossed over £25,000 in Australia and New Zealand ... Pike & Cooper: 162.

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