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A Sting in the Tale

Sting in the Tale, A (Eugene Schlusser, 1989) aka Scorpio; prod. Rosa Colosimo, Reg McLean, Rosa Colosimo Films, wr. Patrick Edgeworth; Diane Craig, Gary Day, Edwin Hodgeman; female MP to become first female PM; political comedy set Adelaide

This apparently was distributed theatrically, but I think it must have been on a very small scale. It looks to me more like a second-rate telemovie of its undistinguished period. In terms of its story, however, it was before its time. It has not only the first female Australian prime minister, but also an international media baron in difficulties. It might have been timely to show it again, but unfortunately it's not worth watching. Only one element in this very ordinary film made an impression on me: the performance of Edwin Hodgeman as the media baron. I had just seen him in Codgers, in which I didn't like his performance at all, but here he is better directed and shot, and his acting makes such a strong contribution it almost saves the film.

... an odd little comedy about federal politics which, mysteriously, is set in Adelaide rather than Canberra. This Rosa Colosimo production was directed by Eugene Schlusser, whose background includes participation in Peter Watkins' epic documentary, The Journey; but this is closer to Yes, Minister, without the wit. ... the film is pretty naive throughout, and not written or acted sufficiently sharply to make its ideas work. David Stratton: 225.

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