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Summer Coda

Summer Coda (Richard Gray, 2010) wr. Michele Davis, Richard Gray, dp Greg de Marigny; Rachael Taylor, Alex Dimitriades; Australian release 21 Oct 2010

Mildura’s orange orchards are the third lead in Summer Coda in the same way that the Hawkesbury was in Oyster Farmer (Anna Reeves, 2004). This is a charming chick flick (I guess, but what would I know) the first Oz film I can remember thinking I would seriously recommend as a ‘date movie’. But couldn’t the producers have tried harder to find an actress (as opposed to a model) who could play adequately opposite the very good Alex Dimitriades? This one walks like she has diarrhoea.

The film certainly has flaws; it's too long, and an early scene in a bar is mis-judged (in fact, the early scenes could have been considerably tightened), but in the end it's the love story that counts and it's a beautifully acted and surprisingly touching relationship. David Stratton, At the Movies.

I felt that it was incredibly slow. I don't know that the characters were developed as well as I - I think the performances are nice but I don't think there's enough substance there in either of these people and I actually didn't believe the chemistry between them. Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies.

There's very little of real import at stake in this screenplay, and neither the score nor the opportunistic cinematography (but well done) can inject more juice into it. Andrew L. Urban, urbancinefile.

More successful as portraying a slice of life than a drama with emotional ballast, Summer Coda is a pleasant enough encounter although never resonates strongly enough to satisfy. Louise Keller, urbancinefile.

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