Sunstruck (James Gilbert, 1972) aka The Education of Stanley Evans, wr. Stan Mars; Harry Secombe, Maggie Fitzgibbon, John Meillon, Dawn Lake, Peter Whittle, Bobby Limb, Norman Erskine, Jack Allen, Derek Nimmo; Secombe arrives Kookaburra Springs to run the local school; comedy

Sunstruck (James Gilbert, 1972) gave Neddy Seagoon an Australian holiday, playing a primary schoolteacher come to Australia to … conduct a choir, as it turns out. It meant more to me than most people, perhaps, as one of the first things I did when I started teaching was to conduct a choir in a competition, as Secombe’s character does. I also did the reverse trip, to go to the UK to teach in schools there. My experience was less pleasant than his in this fantasy.

Reviews were mixed, but most had some words of praise for John Meillon's performance as the publican at Kookaburra Springs. Pike & Cooper: 267.

It is rather a witless film, but as the first AFCD-financed film to be released theatrically (through BEF Distributors), its position in the history of the Australian film revival is assured. Stratton: 14.

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