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Teesh and Trude

Teesh and Trude (Melanie Rodriga, 2002) Susie Porter, Linda Cropper, Peter Phelps; world premiere Brisbane Film Festival 13 July 2002, then Melbourne Film Festival later the same month; national season began Perth Thursday 6 March 2003; WA

In Unit 16b at Platypus Rise Flats, two hard and damaged women living on a diet of soapies, sarcasm and frustration are about to reach breaking point. A bad day becomes worse by the hour and to top it off, the toilet won't flush.

I admit I'm prejudiced, but I have seen this several times and I think it's ultimately charming, despite the tough beginning.

Vanessa Lomma, writer of the screenplay, and Melanie Rodriga, director, have created a small modern story that reverberates with echoes of some of the great archetypal stories, only with everyday heroes. The moral of the story—although it is not in the least moralistic—is clearly that women do not necessarily have to reverse roles to play significant parts. Even if they do not always play their 'own' roles to perfection, they can nevertheless, and in addition, play the 'man's role' as well, and to signal effect. Garry Gillard, Metro, 134, 2002: 20-23.

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