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Those Terrible Twins

Those Terrible Twins (J.E. Ward, 1925) J.E. Ward Productions; Ray Griffen (Ginger Meggs), Billy Canstell (Bluey), Kitty Willoby

This slapstick comedy was filmed on location in the back streets of Sydney during a sojourn in Australia by the Papuan adventurer, J E Ward. It marked a radical change from his previous jungle travelogues and featured that epitome of Australian urban boyhood, Ginger Meggs, a character made famous in comic-strip form. Although Ward announced his intentions to depict 'typical' Australian boys, the Sydney Morning Herald, 13 May 1925, commented that the film was 'plainly modelled on the pictures that came pouring into our midst from America... There are pie-slinging episodes, bathing beauties, crooks who raid jewellers' shops, and scenes in which undergarments play a prominent part'. It was accepted for distribution by First National, and opened as a supporting feature at the Haymarket Theatre, Sydney, on 25 July 1925. Pike & Cooper: 128.

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