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Those Who Love


Those who Love (P. J. Ramster, Paulette McDonagh, 1926) MCD Productions, prod. wr. Paulette McDonagh, prod. manager & art dir. Phyllis McDonagh; Marie Lorraine [Isobel McDonagh]

Barry Manton, William Carter, the son of Sir James, falls in love with a dancer, Bebe Doree but his father disapproves and bribes Bebe to disappear. Hurt, Barry leaves home and becomes a labourer on the docks. He meets poor but honest Lola Quayle in a cabaret and offers her a place to live after she resists the advances of a pub owner. They stay in separate rooms but fall in love during a storm and he later marries her. Barry's father wants him to return home and sends a solicitor over to approach him. Not wanting to get between Barry and his family, Lola runs away.
those2 Years later, Barry lives in an attic, having rejected wealth and position and taken to drink, while Lola works as a nurse, looking after their son, Peter. Barry is injured and Lola recognises him at hospital. She visits Sir James and asks for money for a specialist and the family is united. Wikipedia.

Those Who Love was the first venture of the McDonagh sisters: Paulette, the director and principal writer; Phyllis (the youngest), business manager, publicist and art director; and the eldest, Isobel, who acted under the stage name of Marie Lorraine. The daughters of a Sydney doctor, the sisters were captivated by Hollywood early in their youth. They spent many hours watching films and analysing them, and eventually decided to try their luck in production. those3 With their independent spirit, the girls were undaunted by a film industry dominated by men and by American interests; Paulette spent several months at P J Ramster's acting school to learn what she could, while Isobel established the name of Marie Lorraine in several films for other directors. ... Uncertain of their ability, the sisters hired a more experienced director, P J Ramster, to direct the film, but found that his work did not meet their demands. Paulette progressively assumed responsibility for the production, and Ramster was relegated to the position of 'technical director'. Pike & Cooper: 135-6.

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Photos above show: 1. William Carter, Marie Lorraine, 2. Jackie Williamson, Robert Purdie, 3. Marie Lorraine.

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