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Transfusion (Matt Nable, 2023) wr. Matt Nable; Sam Worthington, Phoebe Tonkin, Edward Carmody, Matt Nable; released 5Jan23

Luke Buckmaster's review is such a downer that I could hardly bear to read all of that – let alone watch the film!

Travis Johnson:
Written and directed by Aussie acting mainstay Matt Nable (1%) and starring Avatar’s Sam Worthington, Transfusion sees Wortho as a former SAS soldier grappling with the tragic loss of his wife (Phoebe Tonkin) and trying to do right by his troubled son (Edward Carmody), who is drawn into the criminal world by an old comrade (Nable himself). Replete with themes of trauma, redemption, fatherhood, and brotherhood, this looks to be another excellent entry into the annals of Relentlessly Grim Australian Crime Cinema., 3 January 2023.

Luke Buckmaster:
The key issue with these introductory scenes isn’t the acting, or the direction, but the machine-tooled nature of the writing. You know it’s all a setup to show us what’s important to Ryan before Nable pulls the rug out from under him. When Justine is killed in a car crash early on, the moment feels so rote, so mechanical, that it is robbed of any genuine emotion. Did we just watch a person die, or a page in the script marked “end of prologue”? The Guardian.

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