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Under the Lighthouse Dancing

Under the Lighthouse Dancing (Graeme Rattigan, 1997) dp Paul Murphy; Jack Thompson, Jacqueline McKenzie, Naomi Watts, Aden Gillett, Ingle Knight; WA

Six friends go to Rottnest for the weekend. Two of them (Emma and Harry - Jacquie and Jack) announce that they intend to get married, but have made no plans, nor do they have a licence. Emma also announces that she is very ill, and all she wants is a wedding. The other four friends then try to find a way to make it all happen ...

The house on Rottnest Island was built for the film. When the shoot was complete it was removed and reconstructed at 4 Durdham Crescent, just up some steps from the Bicton Baths.

It's a pleasant film which doesn't make much impression but passes the time with picturesque visuals and romantic music. My friend Ingle Knight does a brilliant turn in a bit part as the Anglican rector. He has just the one scene, with Jack Thompson, and actually makes Jack look quite uninteresting.

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