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Unfinished Sky

Unfinished Sky (Peter Duncan, 2007) William McInnes, Monic Hendrickx; farmer and illegal Afghani immigrant fall in love

Peter Duncan has never made a boring film, tho each one is quite different, and it’s not his fault that the story of Unfinished Sky (2007) is not believable. It might have worked in its original location (as The Polish Bride, 1998) but I can’t believe Australians would do such things, especially not Bille Brown: he’s much too nice a guy!

This combination of thriller and love story is most successful with the latter. The relationship between John and Tahmeena is developed beautifully and tentatively. Monic Hendrickx, who starred in the original Dutch version, is really excellent. She’s haunting as Tahmeena and William McInnes who always knows how to underplay a role, does well with the introverted John. Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies, ABC TV.

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