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The Waiting City

Waiting City, The (Claire McCarthy, 2009) Radha Mitchell, Joel Edgerton; couple adopt a child in India

A mystic-infused love story that follows a young couple's journey to India to collect their adopted baby.

Denson Baker's superb cinematography captures not only the essence of Kolkota life in all its rhythms and colours, but the intimate essence of both Ben (Joel Edgerton) and Fiona (Radha Mitchell). You don't need to push the colour wheel when shooting in India to be overwhelmed by its vibrancy, whether in the faces of its people or the glory of its many rituals. Plenty of close ups also ensure a ready connection to the characters, including the wonderful Samrat Chakrabati as Krishna, the driver/porter/guide and volunteer spiritual counsellor to the young couple. Andrew L. Urban, urbancinefile

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