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Warming Up

Warming Up (Bruce Best, 1984) wr. James Davern; Barbara Stephens, Henri Szeps, Queenie Ashton, Adam Fernance, Lloyd Morris, Tim Grogan, Bruce Wedderburn, Tom Appleton

Bruce Best more usually worked as a producer; this is the only feature film he directed.

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Just like a Silhouette Desire!
Sarah-601 April 2000
A small town ballet teacher training the local Aussie rules team to jump? Their ex-trainer is the local cop, who has had one run-in after another with her since she came to town? You just know what's gonna happen in the end, don't you?!
But if you like 'When Harry Met Sally', or 'While You Were Sleeping', I'm willing to bet you'd enjoy this cute little film!
Definitely a 'chick flick', but there's enough comedy thrown in to keep your other half happy, too.
I'd definitely recommend it as a fun, undemanding time.
(the summary is how my sister describes it - if you've ever read a romantic novel, you'll know what she means!)

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