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Weekend of Shadows

Weekend of Shadows (Tom Jeffrey, 1978) John Waters, Melissa Jaffer, Wyn Roberts; drama, thriller

In Weekend of Shadows it is really the whole community that is the subject of the film's investigative gaze. In this thriller a posse led by anxious Sergeant Caxton (Wyn Roberts) is searching for a murder suspect. It includes Rabbit (John Waters) who has been pressured to join the group by his wife Vi (Melissa Jaffer) in order for them to be seen to conform, as they are socially isolated. When the drunken disorganised group catches up with the Pole (Michael Gawenda), Rabbit kills him to save him from their tormenting him. The story is a study of the morality of all involved: the solution to the crime, although providing a strong conclusion, is not really the point.

Not at all well received on its release, Weekend of Shadows was heavily criticised for heavy-handedness. As a morality play, however, it succeeds admirably. Anna Dzenis, Murray: 25.

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