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Whiteforce (Eddie Romero, 1987) aka Whiteforce; Aust/Philippines copro; Sam J. Jones (who played Flash Gordon); shot in the Philippines

Fresh off of the classic, noisy, low-rent ninja actioner Silent Assassins (1988) Mr Flash Gordon himself shipped out to the Philippines to star in the Mad Doctor of Blood Island's guerrilla-war/drug-busting/espionage pot-boiler. The plot should be medicated with Ritalin as it scrambles from one completely ludicrous scenario to another barely hanging on to its own premise. Special agent Johnny Quinn (Jones) is trying to rescue his partner (who seems to be an odd candidate for a field agent, as he is in his 60s and looks to be on a cheeseburger diet) from a notorious drug-dealer's jungle camp. His partner gives him a "laser disk" and just as Quinn is hauling him out of danger, a sniper shoots his partner dead. When Quinn returns to HQ, his boss (the inimitable Vic Diaz) is convinced that he is a double agent and killed his own partner. Naturally Quinn busts loose and must fight against both the agency, the drug-dealers and his partner's pissed-off daughter (who eventually teams up with him) in an effort to clear his name and bring the bad guys to justice. Thomas T. Sueyres,

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