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The Xrossing

The Xrossing (Steven J. Mihaljevich, 2020) wr. Carl Maiorana, Steven J. Mihaljevich; Kelton Pell, Luke J. Morgan, Jacob O'Neill; WA

When a murder remains unsolved, three boys suspect and harass a reclusive indigenous man. One boy decides to break the cycle to make amends, however the inertia of past actions bring multiple characters to a crossroad and a thrilling climax.

Anton Bitel:
Setting its human dramas against beautifully shot natural landscapes, and contrasting its characters’ lack of prospects with the panoramic clifftop vistas from which Swan View takes its name, The Xrossing is concerned with young lives damaged by a lack of positive male rôle models or indeed hope. [It] dramatises a long and uncomfortable aspect of the colonial history of Australia (of which this suburb proves a microcosm). For white settlers have repeatedly marginalised, mocked and mistreated the indigenous population, while invading and annexing their land. ... [This] is a confident first film about a nation still struggling with growing pains amid its own toxic legacy.

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