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Yackety Yak

Yackety Yak (Dave Jones, 1974) wr. prod. ed. Dave Jones, dp Gordon Glenn, sound Peter Beilby, Lloyd Carrick; Dave Jones, John Flaus, Peter Carmody, Peggy Cole, Jerzy Toeplitz; look at low-budget film-making; comedy; Melbourne; colour, 16 mm. 86 min.

This is the spelling of the title on the film itself. It is often spelt differently—for example, in IMDb.

As a film, this is pretentious, tedious and distasteful. I see it as a meaningless practice exercise in film-making for cast and crew, only of interest now for historical reasons. I'm surprised that David Stratton actually liked it. His idea of pretentiousness is quite different from mine. This is Jones's only film ever, anywhere. He came from the USA to teach at La Trobe, and later went back home. Jerzy Toeplitz makes an appearance as himself: he was the foundation Director of the AFTRS.

... the creation of Dave Jones who produced, directed, wrote and edited it and plays the leading role. ... Disarmingly free of pretension, Jones' film is sheer delight and deserves to be better known. Stratton 1980: 277.

Yackety Yak was the brainchild of Dave Jones at the La Trobe media studies course, and was a wonderful film – irreverent, satirical. He was a self-confessed Godard wanna-be, but by the time he'd made this film he realised how hard it was just to make any film. He conceded that to satirise Godard was effort enough but it didn't even put him in Godard's ballpark. This modesty is ill-placed to my way of thinking. Yackety Yak is strangely exhilarating in parts and stands up well as a creative contribution after all these years. Nigel Buesst.

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