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There is one Australian feature film which is claimed by its director to be in the giallo genre: Sororal (Sam Barrett, 2014) aka Dark Sister; Amanda Woodhams, Liam Graham, James Helm, Vito de Francesco, Nicola Bartlett; giallo thriller; Perth WA; screened 2 April 2014 Monster Fest Australia

There's an Italian film which was partly shot in Australia which qualifies. The word 'giallo' was added to the Italian title to make the connexion with the genre: the dead girl was not actually wearing yellow pyjamas.

Ragazza dal pigiama giallo, La (Flavio Mogherini, 1977) aka The Pyjama Girl Case; crime; not Australian, but partly filmed in Sydney; based loosely on the case of Linda Agostini

R.D. Francis:
The giallo resume of Dario Argento, the leader of the genre, is the cinematic equivalent of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks and M.C Esher’s impossible objects and staircases to nowhere. Giallo is all about the utilization of oozing color palates and oddball light sources, nonsensical supernatural red-herrings to nowhere, psychic links to killers hidden in POV, whispered poetic passages, hypersexual oddball red-herring characters, rape and murdered moms, junk science (about sunspots, Y chromosomes, eye-memories, love-chemicals), pedophile fathers, doctors and detectives riddled with kinks and ulterior motives, and a general, overall incoherency set to a soundtrack of jazz-rock noodling and chanting choirs.

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