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Australasian films concerned to some extent with making a film, or film-making, or which are self-referential, or dealing with the medium of film as such

Beyond My Reach (Dan Burstall, 1989) prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; metafilm; young Oz filmmakers make cult film

Bit Part, The (Brendan Maher, 1987) wr. Steve Vizard; Chris Haywood, Nicole Kidman, Katrina Foster, John Wood, Maurie Fields, Maureen Edwards; comedy; Michael Thornton is a Careers Counsellor who desires to be a bit part actor; 87 min.

Cut (Kimble Rendall, 2000) prod. Martin Fabinyi, Bill Bennett, Jennifer Bennett, wr. Dave Warner, exec. prod. Michael Gudinski, Mushroom Pictures and Beyond Films; released 25 February 2000, thriller, horror; Kylie Minogue, Tiriel Mora, Jessica Napier, Sarah Kants, Molly Ringwald, Simon Bossell, Stephen Curry; killer begins to stalk the actors of a low budget horror film (Hot Blooded), killing them off one by one; group of film students attempt to finish a horror movie that stopped production years earlier when the director was killed; unaware that every attempt to complete the pic coincided with the murders of those involved, the students return to the original location in an isolated part of the country; when filming begins, so do the killings

Director's Cut, The (Paul Komadina, 2009) similar story to Cut (2000)

Extra, The (Kevin Carlin, 2005) released 21 April 2005; Jimeoin Mckeown, Katherine Slattery, Rhys Muldoon, Shaun Micallef, Helen Dallimore, Bob Franklin, Colin Lane, Raj Ryan; 100 min.; FFC budget $1,461,538, box office $746,568

Final Cut (Ross Dimsey, 1980) Lou Brown, David Clendinning; news cameraman wants to make film about entrepreneur

Flynn (Frank Howson, 1993) aka My Forgotten Man; Boulevard Films, wr. Frank Howson, Alister Webb; Guy Pearce, John Savage, Steven Berkoff, Claudia Karvan; Guy Pearce as young Errol Flynn; story of Errol Flynn's early years; partly filmed Fiji; majority shot 1989

Footstep Man, The (Leon Narbey, 1992) NZ; foley artist

Forgotten Silver (Peter Jackson, Costa Botes, 1995) mockumentary about filmmaker Colin McKenzie; NZ

Houseboat Horror (Ollie Martin, Kendal Flanagan, 1988) crew shooting rock video at remote lake are slaughtered one by one; a 'worst' film

Howling 3: The Marsupials (Philippe Mora, 1987) main character is an extra in a film (Shape Shifters Part 8) being directed by Frank Thring; Bill Collins appears in the film; so does Edna Everage as Oscar presenter; Imogen Annesley goes to see a film called It Came from Uranus

Loaded (Anna Campion, 1994) NZ; aka Bloody Weekend; wr. Anna Campion; Oliver Milburn, Dearbhia Molloy, Danny Cunningham, Catherine McCormack, Thandie Newton; teens making a horror film; 108 min.

Nowhere Else (Danial Donai, 2012) doco-makers end up in SA town of this name

Showgirl's Luck (Norman Dawn, 1931) aka Talkie Mad; comedy musical

Sweet Dreamers (Tom Cowan, 1982) prod. Lesley Tucker for TC Productions, ed. Tom Cowan, Lesley Tucker, dp Brian Probyn, music Brett Cabot, design Lesley Tucker, ed. Tom Cowan; Richard Moir, Sue Smithers, Adam Bowen, Frankie Raymond, Richard Tipping, Maisie Turner; about film-making in the 1970s; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 96 min.

That Certain Something (Clarence G.Badger, 1941) film director looks for a girl with 'it' [Badger also made the film called It (1927) with Clara Bow - the 'It girl']

Yackety Yack (Dave Jones, 1974) wr. prod. Dave Jones, dp Gordon Glenn; John Flaus, Dave Jones, Jerzy Toeplitz; look at low-budget film-making; comedy; Melbourne; colour, 16 mm. 86 min.

SEE ALSO: Search on the term 'experimental' in the inclusive list. I've seen very few of those films, as they're not generally available.

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