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See also: NZ film in alpha order. Year with most films: 1984.

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Loved by a Maori Chieftess (Gaston Melies, 1913) wr. Edmund Mitchell from his story, dp George Scott; first NZ fiction film, no footage exists, two reels, 2000ft; NZ

Hinemoa (Gaston Melies, 1913) wr. Edmund Mitchell from Maori legend, dp George Scott; Maata Horomona; first of three Hinemoa films; no footage exists; one reel, 1000ft; NZ

How Chief Te Ponga Won His Bride (Gaston Melies, 1913) wr. Edmund Mitchell from traditional story, dp George Scott; no footage exists; one reel, 1000ft; NZ


Hinemoa (George Tarr, 1914) wr. George Tarr, based on Maori legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai, based on the George Gray version, dp Charles Newham; Hera Tawhai, Rua Tawhai, Miro Omahau, Taimai Omahau; first of three Hinemoa films; also claimed to be the first indigenous NZ film, as the production company was antipodean (Tarr lived in NZ, tho had been born in Australia); no footage exists; 2500ft


Maori Maid 's Love, A (Raymond Longford, 1915) prod. Raymond Longford, Lottie Lyell, Vita Film Corp, Zealandia Photo Play Producing Co.; Lottie Lyell, Raymond Longford, Kenneth Carlisle, Rawdon Blandford; no footage exists; 5000 ft, five reels; Aust/NZ; first shown NZ Nov 1915; has a claim to being first NZ feature as first film of 4000ft or more to be made and screened there


Test, The (Rawdon Blandford, 1916) no footage exist; NZ

Mutiny of the Bounty, The (Raymond Longford, 1916) Aust/NZ; wr. Raymond Longford, Lottie Lyell, dp Franklyn Barrett, A. O. Segerberg, Charles Newham; George Cross (Captain Bligh), John Storm (George III), D. L. Dalziel (Sir Joseph Banks), Wilton Power (Fletcher Christian); no footage exists; 5000ft


Betrayer, The (Beaumont Smith, 1921) Beaumont Smith's Productions, wr. Beaumont Smith, dp Lacey Percival; Stella Southern (Iwa), Cyril Mackay (Stephen Manners), John Cosgrove (John Barris), Marie D'Alton (Mrs Manners), Mita (Hauraki), Bernice Vere (Eleanor Barris), Maggie Papakura, Herbert Lee, Raymond Hatton, Dunstan Webb; "The settings range widely, from the NZ hot springs and mountain scenery at Rotorua, to the Australian outback, the surf at Coogee, and a fashionable ballroom at Sydney's Wentworth Hotel." (Pike & Cooper)


My Lady of the Cave (Rudall Hayward, 1922) Gordon Campbell, Hazel West; 5000ft, 83 min.; only portions remain; NZ


Romance of Sleepy Hollow, The (Henry J. Makepeace, 1923) Francis X. Bouzaid, June Phillips; comedy-drama; 5700ft cut to 4800ft by the censor; NZ


Venus of the South Seas (James R. Sullivan, 1924) aka Venus of the Southern Seas; Lee Bradford Corporation and NZ Dominion Productions, ass dp Bert Bridgeman; Annette Kellerman, Roland Purdu, Norman French, Robert Ramsey; five reels, 7000ft; NZ


Rewi's Last Stand (Rudall Hayward, 1925) Maori War Films Ltd, wr. Rudall Hayward from history, dp Frank Stewart; Frank Nemo, Nola Casselli, M. Millington, Eric Yates, Edmund Finney, Chief Abe (Rewi Maniapoto); the last stand of Rewi Maniapoto at the Battle of Orakau in 1863; remade in 1940 as a sound film by the same director; NZ

Adventures of Algy, The (Beaumont Smith, 1925) Beaumont Smith's Productions, wr. prod. Beaumont Smith, dp Lacey Percival; Claude Dampier (Algernon Allison), Bathie Stuart (Kiwi McGill), Eric Harrison; mostly shot in NZ


Romance of Hine-Moa, The (Gustav Pauli, 1926) Gaumont, dp Gustav Pauli; Maata Hurihanganui, Akuhato, Tingarue; third of three Hinemoa films; 5500ft, six reels


Carbine's Heritage (Edwin Coubray, 1927) Moa Films Ltd, NZ Radio Films Production, wr. Edwin Coubray, dp Edwin Coubray; Queenie Grahame, Stuart Douglas, Ted Preston, Tom Patten; NZ; horse-racing, includes footage of the Auckland Cup 1926; 8000ft

Te Kooti Trail, The (Rudall Hayward, 1927) Whakatane Films, wr. Rudall Hayward, Frank Bodle, dp Rudall Hayward, Oswald Caldwell; Jasper Calder, Billie Andreasson, Arthur Lord, Eric Yandell; 7100ft

Under the Southern Cross (Gustav Pauli, 1927) Gaumont; Charles Aubrey Ashford, Moataa Doughty, Tui Fryer; typical pioneer plot; 5000ft


Bush Cinderella, The (Rudall Hayward, 1928) prod. Rudall Hayward, wr. Rudall Hayward, dp Rudall Hayward; Dale Austen, Walter Gray, Tony Firth


Under the Southern Cross (Lew Collins, 1929) aka The Devil's Pit; Universal, dp Wilfred Cline, Howard Smith; Patiti Warbrick, Witarina Mitchell, Hoana Keeha, Ani Warbrick; 5606ft silent, 6279ft sound; The Devil's Pit arguably first NZ sound fiction film, except that the sound inserts were added in the USA


Romance of Maoriland, The (Edward T. Brown, 1930) wr. Edward T. Brown, dp Edwin Coubray; Patch Mason, Tom Campbell; was to be first NZ sound fiction film but was never released; 11300ft; 30 min. remains


Hamilton Talks (Rudall Hayward, 1934) NZ's 'first talking picture comedy' (?) 20 min.


Down on the Farm (Stewart Pitt, 1935) Hamner Nine Syndicate, dp Lee Hill; George Claridge, Daphne Murdoch, Florence Hastie, Ra Hould; first NZ sound fiction film, if The Devil's Pit is discounted

Hei Tiki (Alexander Markey, 1935) aka Primitive Passions, aka Hei Tiki: a Saga of the Maoris; Markey Films, A First Division Picture, wr. Alexander Markey, dp Howard Bridgman; Nowara Kereti, Ben Biddle; NZ; drama

Phar Lap's Son (Dr A. L. Lewis, 1936) aka Phar Lap's Son?; South Seas Films Ltd, technical advisers Jack Welsh, Lee Hill; Harry V. Smith, Peggy/Peggie Collie; NZ; 5623ft, 63 min.


On the Friendly Road (Leonard P. Leary, 1936) NZ Film Guild, prod. Leonard P. Leary, wr. George Altier, Leonard P. Leary, idea Rudall Hayward, dp Rudall Hayward; Rev. C.G. Scrimgeour, Stanley Knight, John Mackie, Jean Hamilton; NZ; 7592ft, 84 min.

Wagon and the Star, The (J.J.W. Pollard, 1936) aka The Waggon and the Star, Southland Films Ltd, wr. J.J.W. Pollard, dp Lee Hill, sound Jack Welsh; John Peake, Faye Hinchey, William Buchanan; NZ


One Hundred Crowded Years (H. H. Bridgman, 1940) dramatised documentary? including Treaty of Waitangi, 1840; NZ

Rewi's Last Stand (Rudall Hayward, 1940) aka The Last Stand: An Episode of the New Zealand Wars; Frontier Films Ltd, wr. Rudall Hayward, source Cowan's history, dp Rudall Hayward, Edwin Coubray; Leo Pilcher, Ramai Te Miha, Henare Toka; NZ; 5750ft, 64 min.


Broken Barrier (John O'Shea, Roger Mirams, 1952) wr. John O'Shea, prod. John O'Shea, Roger Mirams, dp Roger Mirams; Kay Ngarimu, Terence Byler, Myra Hapi; NZ


Seekers, The (Ken Annakin, 1954) aka Land of Fury, Group Film Productions, Fanfare Films, prod. George H. Brown, wr. William Fairchild, dp Geoffrey Unsworth; Jack Hawkins, Glynis Johns, Noel Purcell, Inia Te Wiata, Kenneth Williams, Laya Raki; NZ; 8100ft, 89 min.


In Search of the Castaways (Robert Stevenson, 1962) NZ/USA, Disney, prod. Walt Disney, wr. Lowell S. Hawley, dp Paul Beeson; Hayley Mills, Maurice Chevalier, George Sanders, Wilfrid Hyde White, Michael Anderson Jr, Wilfred Brambell; children's; 16mm; 100 min.


Runaway (John O'Shea, 1964) wr. John Graham, John O'Shea, prod. John O'Shea, dp Tony Williams; Colin Broadley, Nadja Regin, Deidre McCarron, Selwyn Muru, Barry Crump, Gil Corwall, Kiri Te Kanawa; thriller road movie; NZ


Don't Let It Get to You (John O'Shea, 1966) wr. John O'Shea, prod. John O'Shea, dp Tony Williams, ed. John O'Shea; Howard Morrison, Gary Wallace, Carmen Duncan, Normie Rowe, Kiri Te Kanawa; Aussie drummer goes to NZ to find work; comedy musical; 80 min.


To Love a Maori (Rudall Hayward, Ramai Hayward, 1972) NZ, Rudall and Ramai Hayward Film Productions, wr. Rudall & Ramai Hayward, Diane Francis from case studies by Diane Francis, dp Alton Francis; Val Iriwn, Marie Searell, Desmond Lock, Sybil Lock/Westland; 3850ft, 104 min.


Rangi's Catch (Michael Forlong, 1973) NZ, Michael Forlong Productions for the Children's Film Foundation, UK, wr. Michael Forlong, dp William Jordan; Andrew Kerr, Temuera Morrison, Kate Forlong, Vernon Hill, Ian Mune; children's; 8460ft, 72 min.


Test Pictures: Eleven Vignettes from a Relationship (Geoffrey Steven, 1975) NZ, Hinge Film Productions, prod. Geoff Chapple, Erik Braithwaite, wr. Denis Taylor, dp Geoffrey Steven; Denis Taylor, Lee Feltham, Francis Halpin, Moira Turner, Geoff Barlow, Dora Warren, Barbara Saipe, Mark Elmore, Mike Fitzgerald; couple move to a small community in the country to live an alternate lifestyle (Verhoeven 1999: 500); 955m., 87 min.


God Boy, The (Murray Reece, 1976) NZ telemovie, prod. Murray Reece, wr. Ian Mune, dp Allen Guilford, camera operator Alun Bollinger; Jamie Higgins, Maria Craig, Graeme Tetley, Sandra Reid; 16mm, 88 min.


Autumn Fires (Barry Barclay, 1977) prod. John O'Shea, wr. Barry Barclay, Martyn Sanderson, Helena's Story by Olive Bracey, dp Rory O'Shea, ed. Dell King; Martyn Sanderson, Olive Bracey, Helena's Story read by Dell King; NZ, 50 min.

Landfall (Paul Maunder, 1977) NZ National Film Unit for BCNZ, prod. David H. Fowler, wr. Paul Maunder, dp Lynton Diggle; Denise Maunder, John Anderson, Sam Neill, Gael Anderson, Rowena Zinsli; 3100ft, 86 min.

Sleeping Dogs (Roger Donaldson, 1977) wr. Christian K. Stead (novel Smith's Dream—as Karl Stead), Ian Mune, Arthur Baysting, prod. Roger Donaldson, Larry Parr, dp Michael Seresin, gaffer Alun Bollinger; Sam Neill, Warren Oates, Nevan Rowe, Ian Mune; NZ

Wild Man (Geoff Murphy, 1977) wr. Bruno Lawrence, Geoff Murphy, Martyn Sanderson, Ian Watkin, prod. Bruno Lawrence, Ray Murphy, dp Alun Bollinger; Bruno Lawrence, Ian Watkin, Tony Barry, Martyn Sanderson; NZ


Angel Mine (David Blyth, 1978) NZ, prod. wr. David Blyth; Derek Ward, Jennifer Redford, Myra de Groot, Mike Wilson; 68 min.

Skin Deep (Geoffrey Steven, 1978) NZ, Phase Three Film Productions Ltd, prod. John Maynard, wr. Piers Davies, Roger Horrocks, Geoffrey Steven, idea by Geoffrey Steven, dp Leon Narbey; Ken Blackburn, Deryn Cooper, Alan Jervis, Grant Tilly; 110 min.

Solo (Tony Williams, 1978) prod. David Hannay, Tony Williams, wr. Martyn Sanderson, Tony Williams, dp John Blick, music Marion Arts, Dave Fraser, Robbie Laven, design Paul Carvel, ed. Tony Williams; Lisa Peers, Vincent Gil, Perry Armstrong, Maxwell Fernie, Martyn Sanderson, Davina Whitehouse; romance drama; first Aust-NZ co-production; Eastman colour, 35mm, 96 min.

State of Siege, A (Vincent Ward, 1978) NZ, prod. Timothy White, School of Fine Art, U Canterbury, dp Alun Bollinger, Michael Rathbone; Anne Flannery, Peggy Walker, John Bullock; thriller/drama; not feature length; 52 min.


Middle Age Spread (John Reid, 1979) Endeavour Entertainment, NZ Film Commission, prod. John Barnett, wr. Keith Aberdein, dp Alun Bollinger; Grant Tilly, Dorothy McKegg, Peter Sumner, Bridget Armstrong, Donna Akersten; 98 min.

Sons for the Return Home (Paul Maunder, 1979) Pacific Films/NZ Film Commission, wr. Paul Maunder from novel by Albert Wendt (Samoa), dp Alun Bollinger, art director Vincent Ward; Uelese Petaia, Fiona Lindsay, Moira Walker, Lani Tupu, 117 min.


Beyond Reasonable Doubt (John Laing, 1980) NZ, prod. John Barnett, wr. David Yallop from book by David Yallop; dp Alun Bollinger; David Hemmings, John Hargreaves plays Arthur Alan Thomas, who was jailed for a double murder for which he was later (partly as a result of the film) acquitted

Goodbye Pork Pie (Geoff Murphy, 1980) wr. Ian Mune, Geoff Murphy, prod. Nigel Hutchinson, Geoff Murphy, dp Alun Bollinger; Kelly Johnson, Claire Oberman, Tony Barry; comedy; NZ

Nutcase (Roger Donaldson, 1980) wr. Keith Aberdein, Ian Mune, prod. Aardvark Films, Endeavour Productions, NZFC, dp Graeme Cowley, grip Stuart Dryburgh; Nevan Rowe, Ian Watkin, Michael Wilson, Ian Mune; NZ

Squeeze (Richard Turner, 1980) Trilogic Film Productions, wr. Richard Turner, dp Ian Paul; Robert Shannon, Paul Eady, Donna Akersten; gay relationship; 79 min.


Bad Blood (Mike Newell, 1981) Southern Pictures Ltd/NZ Film Commission, prod. Andrew Brown, wr. Andrew Brown from book by Howard Willis, dp Gary Hansen; Jack Thompson, Carol Burns; NZ; drama; VHS; 113 min.

Pictures (Michael Black, 1981) wr. Robert Lord, John O'Shea, prod. John O'Shea, Pacific Films; Kevin J. Wilson, Peter Vere-Jones, Helen Moulder, Elizabeth Coulter; photographers in 1880s NZ; in pioneer New Zealand, two brothers learn about the realities of their new and different life; 87 min.

Race for the Yankee Zephyr (David Hemmings, 1981) ANZ/US copro; aka Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr; prod. John Barnett, Antony I. Ginnane, David Hemmings for F. G. H. Film Consortium, Zephyr Films, First Gty Films, wr. Everett DeRoche, dp David Monton, music Brian May, ed. John Laing, design Bernard Hides; Bruno Lawrence, George Peppard, Donald Pleasence, Ken Wahl, Lesley Ann Warren, Donald Pleasence; action thriller, search for money from crash; Eastman colour, 35mm, 100 min.

Scarecrow, The (Sam Pillsbury, 1981) aka Klynham Summer (USA), wr. Michael Heath, Sam Pillsbury from novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson, prod. Rob Whitehouse, Oasis Films, NZNFU, dp James Bartle; John Carradine, Jonathan Smith, Tracy Mann, Daniel McLaren; thriller; NZ

Smash Palace (Roger Donaldson, 1981) wr. Roger Donaldson, Peter Hansard, Bruno Lawrence, prod. Roger Donaldson, Larry Parr, dp Graeme Cowley, gaffer Stuart Dryburgh; Bruno Lawrence, Anna Maria Monticelli (as Anna Jemison), Greer Robson, Keith Aberdein; NZ


Battletruck (Harley Cokliss, 1982) Battletruck Films Ltd, prod. Lloyd Phillips, Rob Whitehouse, wr Irving Austin, Harley Cokliss, John Beech from story by Michael Abrams, dp Chris Menges; Michael Beck, Annie McEnroe, James Wainwright, Bruno Lawrence, John Bach; dystopic future, action; NZ; 92 min.

Brothers (Terry Bourke, 1982) aka Hounds of War; Chard Hayward, Ivar Kants, Margaret Laurence, Alison Best; based on true story of five Australian journalists shot in Timor in 1975; two journalist brothers escape death but find it hard to settle in small town in NZ even after four years

Carry Me Back (John Reid, 1982) NZ, Kiwi Films/NZ Film Commission, prod. Graeme Cowley, wr. Derek Morton, Keith Aberdein, John Reid from idea by Joy Cowley, dp Graeme Cowley; Grant Tilly, Kelly Johnson, Dorothy McKegg, Derek Hardwick; comedy; 102 min.

Hang On a Minute, Mate (Alan Lindsay, 1982) prod. Alan Lindsay; Alan Jervis, Kelly Johnson; NZ comedy, road movie; 71 min.

Prisoners (Peter Werner, 1982) Aust/NZ; prod. Antony I. Ginnane, John Barnett; Tatum O'Neal, Colin Friels, Shirley Knight, David Hemmings, Bruno Lawrence, Ralph Cotterill, John Bach, Ira Seidenstein, Michael Hurst; never released


Dead Kids (Michael Laughlin, 1983) aka Shadowland, Strange Behaviour; prod. Antony I. Ginnane & John Barnett for Endeavour Productions and Bannon Glen, wr. William Condon and Michael Laughlin, music Tangerine Dream, design Susanna Moore, dp Louis Horvath, ed. Petra; Michael Murphy, Louise Fletcher, Dan Shor, Fiona Lewis, Arthur Dignam; "the splatter end of exploitation"; NZ; Eastman colour, 35mm, wide-screen, 97 min.

Lizzie (David Blyth, 1983) aka It's Lizzie to Those Close, aka A Woman of Good Character; drama; NZ

Savage Islands (Ferdinand Fairfax, 1983) aka Nate and Hayes (USA); USA/NZ copro; dp Tony Imi; Tommy Lee Jones, Michael O'Keefe, Max Phipps, Jenny Seagrove, Grant Tilly, Bill Johnson; 101 min.

Strata (Geoffrey Steven, 1983) NZ, Phase Three Films Ltd, Prod. John Maynard, wr. Ester Krumbachova, Geoff Steven, Michael Havas, dp Leon Narbey; Nigel Davenport, John Banas, Judy Morris, Tom Brennan, Roy Billing; art film; 110 min.

Utu (Geoff Murphy, 1983) wr. Keith Aberdein, Geoff Murphy, prod. Con Blakeney, Geoff Murphy, dp Graeme Cowley; Anzac Wallace, Bruno Lawrence, Tim Elliott; NZ


Came a Hot Friday (Ian Mune, 1984) Mirage Film Productions/NZ Film Commission, prod. Larry Parr, wr. Dean Parker, Ian Mune, dp Alun Bollinger; Peter Bland, Phillip Gordon, Michael Lawrence, Billy T. James, Marshall Napier; comedy; 103 min.

Constance (Bruce Morrison, 1984) Mirage Films Ltd/NZ Film Commission, prod. Larry Parr, wr. Jonathan Hardy, Bruce Morrison from Morrison story, dp Kevin Hayward; Donogh Rees, Hester Joyce, Dana Purkis, Martin Vaughan, Judie Douglass; 104 min.; drama

Death Warmed Up (David Blyth, 1984) Tucker Production Company/NZ Film Commission, prod. Murray Newey, wr. Michael Heath, David Blyth, dp James Bartle; Michael Hurst, Margaret Umbers, William Upjohn; 85 min.

Heart of the Stag (Michael Firth, 1984) Southern Light Pictures/NZ Film Commission, prod. Don Reynolds, Michael Firth, wr. Michael Firth, Neil Illingworth; Bruno Lawrence, Terence Cooper, Mary Regan; incest

Iris (Tony Isaac, 1984) aka Out of Time; telemovie; drama; Helen Morse, Philip Holder, John Bach; NZ; biopic of author Robin Hyde (irl Iris Wilkinson)

Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (Nagisa Oshima, 1984) wr. Nagisa Oshima, Paul Mayersberg, from Laurens van der Post novel The Seed and the Sower, prod. Jeremy Thomas, dp Toichiro Narushima; David Bowie, Tom Conti, Fyuichi Sakamoto, Takeshi, Jack Thompson; Japan/NZ

Mesmerized (Michael Laughlin, 1984) aka Letter to George, Shocked; NZ; wr. Michael Laughlin, story by Jerzy Skolimowski; Jodie Foster, John Lithgow, Michael Murphy, Dan Shor, Harry Andrews; colonial romance

Other Halves (John Laing, 1984) NZ, Orringham Ltd, prod. Tom Finlayson, Dean Hill, wr. Sue McCauley from her novel, dp Leon Narbey; Lisa Harrow, Mark Pilisi, Paul Gittins, Clare Clifford, Bruce Purchase, Emma Piper, Temuera Morrison; 106 min.

Second Time Lucky (Michael Anderson, 1984) comedy; NZ, Eadenrock Ltd, prod Anthony I. Ginnane, wr. Ross Dimsey, Howard Grigsby from story by Alan Byrns, David Sigmund, dp John McLean; Diane Franklin, Roger Wilson, Jon Gadsby, Robert Helpmann, Robert Morley, John-Michael Howson, Bill Ewens; 101 min.

Silent One, The (Yvonne Mackay, 1984) NZ, prod. Dave Gibson, wr. Ian Mune, dp Ian Paul; Telo Malese, George Henare, Pat Evison, Anzac Wallace, Rongo Tupatea Kahu; first NZ fictional feature directed by a woman (cf. Trial Run); 92 min.

Trespasses (Peter Sharp, 1984) NZ, prod. Tom Finlayson, Dean Hill, wr. Maurice Gee, Tom Finlayson, dp Leon Narbey; Patrick McGoohan, Emma Piper, Andy Anderson, Terence Cooper; 101 min.

Trial Run (Melanie Read [Melanie Rodriga], 1984) Cinema and TV Productions/NZ Film Commission, prod. Don Reynolds, wr. Melanie Read, dp Allen Guilford; Annie Whittle, Judith Gibson, Christopher Broun, Philippa Mayne, Stephen Tozer, Martyn Sanderson; psychological thriller; second NZ fictional feature directed by a woman (beaten by three months by The Silent One); 91 min.

Tukana - husat i asua (Chris Owen, Albert Toro, 1984) aka Tukana - Wer ist verantwortlich? comedy drama; Aust/PNG; wr. Albert Toro; shot in PNG; 120 min.

Vigil (Vincent Ward, 1984) NZ, John Maynard Productions, prod. John Maynard, wr. Vincent Ward, Graeme Tetley, Fiona Lindsay, dp Alun Bollinger; Bill Kerr, Fiona Kay, Gordon Shields, Penelope Stewart, Frank Whitten; 91 min.

Wild Horses (Derek Morton, 1984) Endeavour Productions/NZ Film Commission, prod. John Barnett, wr. Kevin O'Sullivan, dp Doug Milsome; Keith Aberdein, John Bach, Kevin J. Wilson, Sara, Tom Poata, Bruno Lawrence, Marshall Napier, Martyn Sanderson; 90 min.


Heart of the High Country (Sam Pillsbury, 1985) wr. Elizabeth Gowans, prod. Lloyd Phillips, Rob Whitehouse; Kenneth Cranham, Valerie Gogan, John Howard, David Letch; NZ

Hot Target (Denis Lewiston, 1985) aka Restless; NZ

Kingpin (Mike Walker, 1985) NZ; children's/educational

Leave All Fair (John Reid, 1985) wr. Jean Betts, Stanley Harper, Maurice Pons, John Reid, prod. John O'Shea, dp Bernard Lutic; John Gielgud, Jane Birkin, Féodor Atkine, Simon Ward, Louba Guertchnikoff, Maurice Chevit, Mireille Alcantara, Léonard Pezzino, Jean Betts; John Middleton Murray and Katherine Mansfield; NZ

Lost Tribe, The (John Laing, 1985) NZ

Mr Wrong (Gaylene Preston, 1985) NZ

Quiet Earth, The (Geoff Murphy, 1985) wr. Craig Harrison (novel), Bill Baer, Bruno Lawrence, Sam Pillsbury, prod. Sam Pillsbury, Don Reynolds, dp James Bartle; Bruno Lawrence, Alison Routledge, Pete Smith, Anzac Wallace; scifi; NZ

Shaker Run (Bruce Morrison, 1985) NZ; car chases

Should I Be Good? (Grahame McLean, 1985) NZ

Sylvia (Michael Firth, 1985) NZ; biopic of educationist Sylvia Ashton-Warner


Arriving Tuesday (Richard Riddiford, 1986) NZ; 83 min.

Bridge to Nowhere (Ian Mune, 1986) NZ

Dangerous Orphans (John Laing, 1986) NZ

Footrot Flats (Murray Ball, 1986) NZ; animated

Mark II (John Anderson, 1986) NZ; Mark II Ford Zephyr, unemployed teenagers on the run from drug dealers

Pallet on the Floor (Lynton Butler, 1986) NZ

Queen City Rocker (Bruce Morrison, 1986) aka Tearaway; NZ


Among the Cinders (Rolf Haedrich, 1984) wr. John O'Shea, Maurice Shadbolt (novel), dp Rory O'Shea; Paul O'Shea, Derek Hardwick, Yvonne Lawley, Rebecca Gibney, Amanda Jones, Bridget Armstrong, Maurice Shadbolt; Rebecca Gibney, NZ; 112 min.

Bad Taste (Peter Jackson, 1987) NZ; comedy; 94 min.

Death in the Family, A (Stewart Main, Peter Wells, 1987) NZ; last 16 days of man dying of AIDS; 48 min.

Leading Edge, The (Michael Firth, 1987) NZ

Lie of the Land (Grahame McLean, 1987) NZ; wr. Grahame McLean; Marshall Napier

Ngati (Barry Barclay, 1987) wr. Tama Poata, prod. John O'Shea, dp Rory O'Shea; Tuta Ngarimu Tamati, Iranui Haig, Tawai Moana, Michael Tibble, Oliver Jones, Wi Kuki Kaa; first feature dir. by Maori; in a remote seaside village, an Australian doctor becomes involved in public and personal crises; NZ; 92 min.

Starlight Hotel (Sam Pillsbury, 1987) wr. Grant Hinden-Miller, prod. Larry Parr, Finola Dwyer, Mirage Films, Challenge Film Corp, dp Warrick Attewell; Peter Phelps, Greer Robson, Marshall Napier, Bruce Phillips, The Wizard; Depression era NZ school-kid Kate missing her father badly; temptation to seek him out leads her into diverse and intense encounters with fate; NZ


Beyond Gravity (Garth Maxwell, 1988) was available on one VHS tape called Boys on Film with Bad News Bachelors and two other short films; NZ; 48 min.

Chill Factor, The (David L. Stanton, 1988) NZ; action

Grasscutter, The (Ian Mune, 1988) NZ; action

Illustrious Energy (Leon Narbey, 1988) aka Dreams of Home; Chan, a Chinese prospector in the NZ goldfields in the 1860s and his father-in-law work a gold claim in a racist climate

Mauri (Merata Mita, 1988) NZ; Merata Mita is first Maori woman to direct a feature film

Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, The (Vincent Ward, 1988) Aust/NZ, Arenafilm, prod John Maynard, dp Geoffrey Simpson; Bruce Lyons, Chris Haywood, Hamish McFarlane, Marshall Napier, Noel Appleby, Paul Livingston, Sarah Peirse; 93 min.

Never Say Die (Geoff Murphy, 1988) wr. Andy Borowitz, Geoff Murphy, prod. Barrie Everard, Geoff Murphy, Murray Newey, dp Rory O'Shea; Lisa Eilbacher, Temuera Morrison, Tony Barry, George Wendt, Geoff Murphy, Barrie Everard, Colin Clarke; investigative journalist, anti-apartheid; NZ

Out of the Body (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1988) Mark Hembrow; thriller

Send a Gorilla (Melanie Read [Melanie Rodriga], 1988) wr. Melanie Read, prod. Dorothee Pinfold, dp Wayne Vinten; Carmel McGlone, Katherine McRae, Perry Piercy, John Callen; 96 min.

Soldier's Tale, A (Larry Parr, 1988) France/NZ


Audition, The (Anna Campion, 1989) short film featuring Jane Campion and her mother Edith, who is auditioning for a role in An Angel at my Table; in the finished product, Edith plays the high school English teacher Miss Lindsay, who gives a rousing classroom recitation of Tennyson's Excalibur that enthralls Jane

Meet the Feebles (Peter Jackson, 1989) NZ; animated

Zilch! (Richard Riddiford, 1989) NZ


Angel at my Table, An (Jane Campion, 1990) NZ; based on autobiographies of Janet Frame: To the Island, Angel at my Table, Envoy from Mirror City); Kerry Fox; made as a three-part mini-series, but also screened as a feature; 158 min.

Boyfriend from Hell (Michael Gottlieb, Alan Smithee, 1990) aka The Shrimp on the Barbie; Cheech Marin; comedy; NZ; 86 min.

Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree (Martn Sanderson, 1990) NZ; story by Albert Wendt, Samoa

Returning, The (John Day, 1990) Aust/NZ

Ruby and Rata (Gaylene Preston, 1990) NZ

Undercover (Yvonne Mackay, 1991) NZ

User Friendly (Gregor Nicholas, 1990) NZ


Chunuk Bair (Dale Bradley, 1991) NZ; war, Gallipoli, 1915

End of the Golden Weather (Ian Mune, 1991) NZ

Grampire (David Blyth, 1991) aka Moonrise; NZ; comedy

Te Rua (Barry Barclay, 1991) wr. Barry Barclay, prod. John O'Shea, dp Rory O'Shea, Warrick Attewell; Wi Kuki Kaa, Nissie Herewini, Tilly Reedy; an iwi's attempts to repatriate stolen carvings from a German museum back to their rightful place in Aotearoa; NZ, colour, PG, 105 min.


Braindead (Peter Jackson, 1992) aka Dead Alive, NZ, 100 min.; horror, scifi; behind the neat curtains in suburban Wellington, Lionel, formerly a shy and naive young man is busily attempting to sever his mother's apron strings in the most spectacular fashion; high level violence and horror effects

Crush (Alison MacLean, 1992) NZ; dp Dion Beebe

Footstep Man, The (Leon Narbey, 1992) NZ; foley artist

Secrets (Michael Pattinson, 1992) aka One Crazy Night, Do You Want to Know a Secret? prod. Michael Pattinson, wr. Jan Sardi; Beth Champion (Emily), Malcolm Kennard (Danny), Danii Minogue (Didi), Willa O'Neill (Vicki), Noah Taylor (Randolf); teenpic; five teenagers break into the hotel where the Beatles are staying but get no further than the service basement; trapped there together, they tell each other their secrets, with the Kennard character as the evil catalyst; filmed in Wellington standing in for Melbourne

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, The (Michael Tuchner, 1992) wr. Martin Copland & Scott Busby; Jon Voigt, Sam Neill, Bruno Lawrence, Kerry Fox, John Callen, Stacey Pickren, Michael Mizrahi, Tony Barry; NZ, 94 min.


Absent Without Leave (John Laing, 1993) prod. Robin Laing; Craig McLachlan, Katrina Hobbs, Tony Barry; WW2 melodrama, thriller; NZ

Bread and Roses (Gaylene Preston, 1993) NZ; drama; Genevieve Picot

Cops and Robbers (Murray Reece, 1993) ANZ; comedy; Grant Dodwell, Gosia Dobrowolska, Melissa Kounnas, Mark Wright, Rima Te Wiata, Martin Vaughan

Desperate Remedies (Stewart Main, Peter Wells, 1993) NZ, comedy

Jack Be Nimble (Garth Maxwell, 1993) NZ

Map of the Human Heart (Vincent Ward, 1993) wr. Louis Nowra, Vincent Ward; Patrick Bergin, Anne Parillaud, Jason Scott-Lee, Jeanne Moreau, Ben Mendelsohn, John Cusack, Robert Joamie, Annie Galipeau; set in Northern Canada; director is from NZ


Hercules and the Amazon Women (Bill L. Norton, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Roma Downey, Michael Hurst, Lloyd Scott, Lucy Lawless, Christopher Brougham, Tim Lee, Kim Michalis; NZ

Hercules and the Circle of Fire (Doug Lefler, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (Harley Cokliss, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Hercules in the Underworld (Bill L. Norton, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (Bill L. Norton, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Lucy Lawless; NZ

Last Tattoo, The (John Reid, 1994) NZ

Once Were Warriors (Lee Tamahori, 1994) Temuera Morrison (Jake the Muss), Rena Owen; NZ


Bonjour Timothy (Wayne Tourell, 1995) NZ; comedy

Heavenly Creatures (Peter Jackson, 1995) wr. Frances Walsh, Peter Jackson; Melanie Lynskey, Kate Winslet, Sarah Peirse, Diana Kent, Clive Merrison, Simon O'Connor, NZ, 95 min.

Loaded (Anna Campion, 1995) NZ; wr. Anna Campion

War Stories (Gaylene Preston, 1995) NZ


Broken English (Gregor Nicholas, 1996) NZ; Croatian girl, Maori boy

Chicken (Grant Lahood, 1996) NZ, comedy

Flight of the Albatross (Warner Meyer, 1996) NZ

Frighteners, The (Peter Jackson, 1996) NZ; scifi

Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (Josh Becker, 1996) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Jack Brown, Genius (Tony Hiles, 1996) NZ

Offering, The (Taggart Siegel, Francesca Fisher, 1996) aka Shadow of the Pepper; Mexico/NZ/USA

Whole of the Moon, The (Ian Mune, 1996) NZ


Forgotten Silver (Peter Jackson, Costa Botes, 1997) NZ; mockumentary about filmmaker Colin McKenzie; 1995?

Lost Valley (Dale Bradley, 1997) NZ

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (Harry Sinclair, 1997) NZ

Ugly, The (Scott Reynolds, 1997) NZ


Channeling Baby (Christine Parker, 1998) NZ

Heaven (Scott Reynolds, 1998) drama; NZ

I'll Make You Happy (Athina Tsoulis, 1998) NZ

Lunatic's Ball, The (Michael Thorp, 1998) NZ

Savage Honeymoon (Mark Beesley, 1998) NZ

Via Satellite (Anthony McCarten, 1998) NZ; comedy

When Love Comes (Garth Maxwell, 1998) NZ


What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (Ian Mune, 1999) Temuera Morrison (Jake the Muss), Rena Owen; NZ


Wild Blue (Dale G. Bradley, 2000) family melodrama; NZ

Exposure (David Blyth, 2000) thriller/romance; NZ

Hopeless (Stephen Hickey, 2000) comedy; NZ

Irrefutable Truth About Demons, The (Glenn Standring, 2000) fantasy horror thriller; NZ

Jubilee (Michael Hurst, 2000) comedy; NZ

Price of Milk, The (Harry Sinclair, 2000) comedy drama; NZ


Crooked Earth (Sam Pillsbury, 2001) wr. Greg McGee, Waihoroi Shortland, prod. Robin Scholes, dp David Gribble; Temuera Morrison, Jaime Passier-Armstrong, Lawrence Makoare, Quinton Hita, Nancy Brunning; drama; NZ

Her Majesty (Mark Mark J. Gordon, 2001) Sally Andrews; NZ

Kids World (Dale G. Bradley, 2001) childrens; NZ

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (Peter Jackson, 2001) dp Andrew Lesnie, adaptation of Tolkein's book; Cate Blanchett (Galadriel), Hugo Weaving, Miranda Otto; NZ

Magik + Rose (Vanessa Alexander, 2001) drama; NZ

No-one Can Hear You (John Laing, 2001) thriller; NZ

Shearer's Breakfast, The (Scott Reynolds, 2001) aka Highway Psychos (Germany); Radha Mitchell, Josh Lucas, Barry Watson; mystery thriller; filmed NZ

Snakeskin (Gillian Ashurst, 2001) thriller/adventure; NZ

Stickmen (Hamish Rothwell, 2001) drama; NZ

Waiting Place, The (Cristobal Araus Lobos, 2001) thriller drama; NZ

When Strangers Appear (Scott Reynolds, 2001) aka Highway Psychos, Shearer's Breakfast; action drama; filmed in NZ


Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Peter Jackson, 2002) dp Andrew Lesnie; Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Miranda Otto; NZ

Tongan Ninja (Jason Stutter, 2002) action comedy musical; NZ

Toy Love (Harry Sinclair, 2002) romcom; NZ

Vector File, The (Eliot Christopher, 2002) telemovie; NZ/Germany copro; adventure drama


Cold Summer, A (Paul Middleditch, 2003) NZ; Teo Gebert, Olivia Pigeot, Susan Prior; Rottderdam FF 2003; IF Mag, June 2003: 28-29

Cupid's Prey (Dale G. Bradley, 2003) NZ/US copro

Gupta vs Gordon (Jitendra Pal, 2003) comedy drama; NZ

Kombi Nation (Grant Lahood, 2003) comedy; NZ

Locals, The (Greg Page, 2003) horror thriller; NZ

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Peter Jackson, 2003) dp Andrew Lesnie; Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Miranda Otto; NZ

Orphans and Angels (Harold Brodie, 2003) NZ, wr. Harold Brodie, ed. Harold Brodie, music Blind Divine; Emmeline Hawthorne, Christopher Brown

Perfect Strangers (Gaylene Preston, 2003) wr. Gaylene Preston, dp Alun Bollinger; Sam Neill, Rachael Blake, Joel Tobeck; prod. Huntaway Films (Sam Neill, John Clarke, Jay Cassells); NZ

Rain (Christine Jeffs, 2003) NZ, Sarah Peirse (Kate), Marton Csokas (Cady), Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki (Janey), Alistair Browning (Ed), Aaron Murphy (Jim); Metro, 136: 78-80; 82-85; 'Endurance' is 'holding on ... it's holding on, and now it's my turn.' 'So then we just went on.'

Spooked (Geoff Murphy, 2004) wr. Ian Wishart (book), Geoff Murphy, prod. Geoff Dixon, Mark Hotchin, Merata Mita, Geoff Murphy, Don Reynolds, Eric Watson, dp Rewa Harre; Cliff Curtis, Christopher Hobbs, Andrea Kelland, Ian Mune, John Leigh, Mark Ferguson, Greg Johnson, Kevin J. Wilson, Alison Bruce, Vincent Ward; thriller; NZ

Whale Rider (Niki Caro, 2003) NZ


Flatmates Wanted (Gary Davis, 2004) NZ

Fracture (Larry Parr, 2004) family melodrama; NZ

Futile Attraction (Mark Prebble, 2004) romcom; NZ

In My Father's Den (Brad McGann, 2004) NZ, Premiere Sydney Film Festival 11 June 2004, wr. Brad McGann, mystery-thriller, loosely based on whodunnit novel by Maurice Gee, Matthew MacFadyen, Emily Barclay, Miranda Otto, NZ$7.3mill/AUD$6.3mill budget; MacFadyen's hotshot photojournalist character becomes a suspect in the disappearance of Celia (ingenue Barclay), daughter of former lover; opened Sydney FF 2004; best new director Seattle IFF 2005

Murmurs (Alexander Greenhough, Elric Kane, 2004) drama mystery; NZ

Woodenhead (Florian Habicht, 2003) fantasy; NZ


Boogeyman (Stephen Kay, 2005) US/NZ/German copro; horror; Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Lucy Lawless

Hidden (Tim McLachlan, 2005) thriller; NZ

King Kong (Peter Jackson, 2005) NZ/USA/Germany copro

Luella Miller (Dane Giraud, 2005) action drama; NZ

Meet Me in Miami (Eric Hannah, Iren Koster, 2005) Carlos Ponce, Eduardo Verastegui, Tara Leniston, Castulo Guerra, Richard Yniguez; NZ

Memories of Tomorrow (Amit Tripuraneni, 2005) crime; NZ

Maiden Voyage (Colin Budds, 2005) telemovie; NZ

Quiet Night In (Christopher Banks, 2005) comedy; NZ

Tyrannical Love (Scott Boswell, 2005) romcom; NZ

Young Detectives On Wheels, The (Roger Donaldson, 2005) family; NZ


Event 16 (Derek Pearson, 2006) scifi; NZ

No. 2 (Toa Fraser, 2006) aka Naming Number Two; wr. Toa Fraser, prod. Tim White, Lydia Livingstone Philippa Campbell, Colonial Encounters & Southern Light Films, finance New Zealand Film Commission, Working Title Films, Miramax Films, NZ On Air, TVNZ; Ruby Dee (Nanna Maria) Tuva Novotny (Danish Maria); inspired by a dream of her childhood back in Fiji, Nanna Maria demands that her grandchildren put on a big feast at which she will name her successor

Perfect Creature (Glenn Standring, 2006) vampire; NZ

Treasure Island Kids 1: The Battle of Treasure Island (Gavin Scott, 2006) adventure/family; NZ

Treasure Island Kids 1: The Monster of Treasure Island (Gavin Scott, 2006) adventure/family; NZ

Treasure Island Kids 1: The Mystery of Treasure Island (Gavin Scott, 2006) adventure/family; NZ

Waimate Conspiracy, The (Stefen Harris, 2006) drama; NZ

World's Fastest Indian, The (Roger Donaldson, 2006) Invercargill, NZ; Anthony Hopkins; life of Burt Munro who set land speed records on his Indian Scout motorcycle; Australian release 6 April 2006; DVD available 8 November 2006


Devil Dared Me To, The (Chris Stapp, 2007) action; NZ

Down by the Riverside (Brad Davison, 2007) NZ

Eagle vs Shark (Taika Waititi, 2007) Loren Taylor, Jemaine Clement; NZ

Five (Amit Tripuraneni, 2007) horror; NZ

Last Magic Show, The (Andy Conlan, 2007) comedy romance; NZ

Man Who Lost His Head, The (Terry Johnson, 2007) romcom; Martin Clunes; British film mostly shot in NZ; concerned with the return of sacred carvings to NZ

Men Shouldn't Sing (Sarah A. Higginson, Michael Bell, 2007) NZ

Tatooist, The (Peter Burger, 2007) horror thriller; NZ

When Night Falls (Alex Galvin, 2007) thriller; NZ


Apron Strings (Sima Urale, 2008) Laila Rouass, Scott Wills, Jennifer Ludlam; family melodrama; NZ

Dean Spanley (Toa Fraser, 2008) aka My Talks with Dean Spanley; Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown; comedy; NZ

Jinx Sister (Athina Tsoulis, 2008) drama; NZ

Map Reader, The (Harold Brodie, 2008) drama; NZ

Show of Hands (Anthony McCarten, 2008) romcom; NZ

Song Of Good, A (Gregory King, 2008) crime drama; NZ

Taking the Waewae Express (Andrea Bosshard, 2008) drama; NZ


District 9 (Neill Blomkamp, 2009) US/NZ/Canada/SAfrica copro

I'm Not Harry Jenson. (James Napier Robertson, 2009) Gareth Reeves, Jinny Lee Story, Marshall Napier, Ian Mune, James Napier Robertson; mystery thriller [the fullstop is apparently part of the title and 'Jenson' is so spelt] NZ

Lovely Bones, The (Peter Jackson, 2009) US/UK/NZ copro; drama; partly shot in NZ

Separation City (Paul Middleditch, 2009) NZ; Joel Edgerton, Rhona Mitra, Danielle Cormack

Strength of Water, The (Armagan Ballantyne, 2009) drama; NZ

Vintner's Luck, The (Niki Caro, 2009) romance drama; France/NZ

We're Here to Help (Jonothan Cullinane, 2007) drama; NZ


Boy (Taika Waititi, 2010) James Rolleston, Te Aho Eketone-Whitu, Taika Waititi; NZ

Butterfly Crush (Alan Clay, 2010) NZ/Aust copro; drama musical romance

Diagnosis Death (Jason Stutter, 2010) horror comedy; NZ

Holy Roller, The (Patrick Gillies, 2010) drama; NZ

Home by Christmas (Gaylene Preston, 2010) NZ; about Preston's father

Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell, The (Brendan Donovan, 2010) drama; NZ

Hugh and Heke (Reston Griffiths, 2010) comedy

Insatiable Moon, The (Rosemary Riddell, 2010) drama; NZ

Kawa (Katie Wolfe, 2010) aka Nights in the Gardens of Spain; wr. Witi Ihimaera (and novel); Calvin Tuteao, Nathalie Boltt, George Henare; gay man comes out; NZ; 76 min.

Matariki (Michael Bennett, 2010) drama; NZ

Predicament (Jason Stutter, 2010) crime comedy; NZ

Tracker (Ian Sharp, 2010) NZ; Ray Winstone, Temuera Morrison

Warrior's Way, The (Sngmoo Lee, 2010) martial arts western; NZ

Wound (David Blyth, 2010) Kate O'Rourke, Te Kaea Beri, Campbell Cooley; supernatural horror; NZ


Billy (Peter Burger, 2011) Tainui Tukiwaho; biopic of NZ entertainer Billy T James

Bliss (Fiona Samuel, 2011) Kate Elliott; biopic of Katherine Mansfield; NZ

Curry Munchers (Cristobal Araus Lobos, 2011) comedy; NZ

Devil's Rock, The (Paul Campion, 2011) WW2; NZ

Dreamer by Design (David Chan, 2011) NZ; romcom/drama

Rage (Danny Mulheron, 2011) wr. Grant O'Fee, Tom Scott; Maria Walker, Ryan O'Kane, Paul Harrop; 1981 Springbok tour of NZ

Good for Nothing (Mike Wallis, 2011) comedy drama; NZ

Hook, Line and Sinker (Andrea Bosshard, Shane Loader, 2011) drama; NZ

Love Birds (Paul Murphy, 2011) romcom; NZ

My Wedding and Other Secrets (Roseanne Liang, 2011) romcom; NZ

Orator, The (Tusi Tamasese, 2011) aka O Le Tulafale; first feature from Samoa

Rest for the Wicked (Simon Pattison, 2011) crime; NZ

Tangiwai (Charlie Haskell, 2011) wr. Paula Boock, Donna Malane; Rose McIver, Ryan O'Kane, Miranda Harcourt; NZ train crash


Compound (Dale Stewart, 2012) NZ; horror

Ghost TV (Phil Davison, 2012) wr. Phil Davison; Leah Carrell, Melissa Hobbs, Dell McLeod; comedy, horror; NZ

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (Peter Jackson, 2012) dp Andrew Lesnie; NZ

Mr Pip (Andrew Adamson, 2012) Florence Korokoro, Eka Darville, Hugh Laurie; NZ; war

Most Fun You Can Have Dying, The (Kirstin Marcon, 2012) wr. Kirstin Marcon, novel by Steven Gannaway, dp Crighton Bone; Matt Whelan, Roxane Mesquida, Pana Hema Taylor; NZ

Red House, The (Alyx Duncan, 2012) Lee Stuart; Meng Jia Stuart; drama; cross-cultural relationship; NZ

Siege (Mike Smith, 2012) aka True Crime: Siege; wr. John Banas; Joel Tobeck, Mark Mitchinson, Miriama Smith; crime; NZ; 90 min.

Sione's 2: Unfinished Business (Simon Bennett, 2012) comedy; NZ


Fantail (Curtis Vowell, 2013) wr. Sophie Henderson; Sophie Henderson, Stephen Lovatt, Jarod Rawiri; dramedy; NZ

Eternity (Alex Galvin, 2013) wr. Alex Galvin; Elliot Travers, Amy Tsang, Dean Knowsley; crime; NZ

Ghost Shark (Griff Furst, 2013) telemovie; fantasy thriller; NZ

Giselle (Toa Fraser, 2013) wr. Toa Fraser; Gillian Murphy; NZ

Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The (Peter Jackson, 2013) dp Andrew Lesnie; NZ

Weight of Elephants, The (Daniel Borgman, 2013) from novel Of a Boy by Sonya Hartnett; Demos Murphy, Matthew Sunderland, Angelina Cottrell; shown at Berlin FF; NZ

White Lies (Dana Rotberg, 2013) wr. Dana Rotberg from novel Medicine Woman by Witi Ihimaera; Whirimako Black, Rachel House, Antonia Prebble, Nancy Brunning, Te Waimarie Kessell; drama; NZ; NZ submission in the best foreign language film category 2014 Oscars


Cure, The (David Gould, 2014) wr. David Gould, prod. David Gould, Alex Clark, dp David Paul, prod. designer Gim Bon, vfx Frank Reuter; Antonia Prebble, Daniel Lissing, Stephen Lovatt, John Bach, John Landreth; action thriller; premiere Wellington NZ 6 Feb 2014

Dark Horse, The (James Napier Robertson, 2014) wr. James Napier Robertson; Cliff Curtis; biopic based on Genesis Potini, chess champion

Dead Lands, The (Toa Fraser, 2014) wr. Glenn Standring; James Rolleston, Lawrence Makoare, Te Kohe Tuhaka; NZ Maori story; NZ release 30 October

Erebus: Into the Unknown (Charlotte Purdy, 2014) aka Erebus: Operation Overdue; telemovie; aviation disaster; NZ

Field Punishment No. 1 (Peter Burger, 2014) telemovie; war; WW1; NZ

Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The (Peter Jackson, 2014) dp Andrew Lesnie; NZ

Housebound (Gerard Johnstone, 2014) wr. Gerard Johnstone; Morgana O'Reilly, Rima Te Wiata, Glen-Paul Waru; mystery; NZ

Orphans and Kingdoms (Paolo Rotondo, 2014) drama; NZ

Pa Boys, The (Himiona Grace, 2014) road movie; NZ

Pirates of the Airwaves (Charlie Haskell, 2014) radio pirates; NZ

Syrenia (Fraser Grut, 2014) fantasy; NZ

What We Do in the Shadows (Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, 2014) wr. Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi; Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, Jonathan Brugh; NZ vampire mockumentary


Born to Dance (Tammy Davis, 2015) hip-hop; NZ

Deathgasm (Jason Lei Howden, 2015) horror comedy; NZ

Free In Deed (Jake Mahaffy, 2015) David Harewood, Edwina Findley Dickerson, Kathy Smith, Helen Bowman, Alex Coker, Geoff Falk, Jan Falk, Porsha Ferguson, Preston Shannon, Jon W. Sparks

Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws (Johnny Hall, Andrew Todd, 2015) fantasy thriller; NZ

Penny Black (Joe Hitchcock, 1015) road movie; NZ

Slow West (John Maclean, 2015) Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ben Mendelsohn

Turbo Kid (François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell, 2015) action/adventure/comedy/superhero/post-apocalyptic; NZ


Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Taika Waititi, 2016) wr. Taiki Waititi from book by Barry Crump; Julian Dennison, Sam Neill, Rhys Darby; comedy; NZ

Mahana (Lee Tamahori, 2016) aka The Patriarch, wr. John Collee from novel Bulibasha by Witi Ihimaera; Temuera Morrison, Akuhata Keefe, Nancy Brunning; NZ; family melodrama; released 3Mar16

Rehearsal, The (Alison Maclean, 2016) Michelle Ny, James Rolleston, Ella Edward, Errol Shand, Rachel Roberts, Kerry Fox; NZ


6 Days (Toa Fraser, 2017) wr. Glenn Standring; Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish, Mark Strong; 1980 Iranian Embassy siege; NZ

Changeover, The (Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzie, 2017) Timothy Spall, Melanie Lynskey, Lucy Lawless; thriller; NZ

Human Traces (Nic Gorman, 2017) wr. Nic Gorman; Sophie Henderson, Mark Mitchinson, Vinnie Bennett, Sara Wiseman, Milo Cawthorne, Peter Daube; drama; NZ

Kiwi Christmas (Tony Simpson, 2017) family; NZ

Pork Pie (Matt Murphy, 2017) wr. Matt Murphy, dp Crighton Bone; Dean O'Gorman, James Rolleston, Ashleigh Cummings; remake of Goodbye Pork Pie; road movie, adventure; NZ; released 4 May

Waru (8 directors, 2017) story surrounding the tangi (funeral) of a Waru boy who dies at the hands of his caregiver and how his death impacts the community; drama, NZ


Broken (Tarry Mortlock, 2018) NZ

Breaker Upperers (Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek, 2018) wr. Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek; Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek, James Rolleston, Celia Pacquola, Ana Scotney; comedy; release 3May18; NZ; 90 min.

Mortal Engines (Christian Rivers, 2018) Stephen Lang, Hugo Weaving, Frankie Adams; post-apocalyptic fantasy; NZ; released 26Dec18

Stray (Dustin Feneley, 2018), Kieran Charnock, Arta Dobroshi, Luciane Buchanan, NZ; released 4 Oct 2018


Spring Interlude (Martin Sagadin, 2019) wr. Martin Sagadin; Luke Agnew, Alayne Dick, Hannah Herchenbach; dramance; 79 min.


Baby Done (Curtis Vowell, 2020) wr. Sophie Henderson; Rose Matafeo, Matthew Lewis, Rachel House; comedy; NZ


Cousins (Ainsley Gardiner, Briar Grace Smith, 2021) Rachel House, Cohen Holloway, Chelsie Florence; drama; NZ

Power of the Dog, The (Jane Campion, 2021) wr. Jane Campion, novel by Thomas Savage, prod. Emile Sherman, Iain Canning, Roger Frappier, Jane Campion, Tanya Seghatchian; Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst; psychodrama: two ranch-owning brothers in Montana; won Best Director Venice; Netflix Original; shot NZ


Gloriavale (Fergus Grady & Noel Smyth, 2022) Virgina Courage, Dennis Gates, Liz Gregory; cult; NZ; released NZ 6Aug22

Muru (Tearepa Kahi, 2022) wr. Tearepa Kahi, Jason Nathan; Cliff Curtis, Ray Ryan, Manu Bennett

Northspur (Aaron Falvey, 2022) Josh McKenzie, Michael Hurst, Marshall Napier; NZ

Nude Tuesday (Armagan Ballantyne, 2022) Jackie van Beek, Damon Harriman, Jemaine Clement; comedy; NZ

Whina (James Napier Robertson, Paula Whetu Jones, 2022) Rena Owen, Vinnie Bennett, James Rolleston; biopic of Dame Whina Cooper; NZ


Bad Behaviour (Alice Englert, 2023) wr. Alice Englert, prod. Desray Armstrong, Milly Hallam; Jennifer Connelly, Ben Whishaw, Alice Englert, Ana Scotney, Dasha Nekrasova, Karan Gill, Marlon Williams; NZ

Next Goal Wins (Taika Waititi, 2023) wr. Taika Waititi, Iain Morris; Michael Fassbender, Oscar Kightley, Kaimana; comedy; the infamously terrible American Samoa soccer team, known for a brutal 2001 FIFA match they lost 31-0; NZ

Uproar (Hamish Bennett, Paul Middleditch, 2023) Minnie Driver, Rhys Darby, Julian Dennison, NZ


Bookworm (Ant Timpson, 2024) Elijah Wood, Michael Smiley, Nell Fisher; children's; NZ

Convert, The (Lee Tamahori, 2023) wr. Shane Danielsen & Lee Tamahori, story by Michael Bennet, prod. Hopscotch Films; Guy Pearce, Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne, Antonio te Maioha, Te Kohe Tuhaka; NZ; 119 min.

Head South (Jonathan Ogilvie, 2024) wr. Jonathan Ogilvie, prod. Mat Govoni, Antje Kulpe; Ed Oxenbould, Marton Csokas; explores New Zealand’s 1979 post-punk scene

Mountain, The (Rachel House, 2024) wr. Tom Furniss, Rachel House; Elizabeth Atkinson, Terrence Daniel, Reuben Francis, Fern Sutherland, Troy Kingi, Byron Call, Taranaki; NZ

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