Paul D. Barron

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Paul Barron is a Canadian who is a Western Australian production hero. He was director of the Perth Institute of Film and Television around 1980. He set up Barron Films, then the only producer of drama features in WA, in early 1981.

Bush Christmas (Henri Safran, 1983) aka Prince and the Great Race, prod. Paul D. Barron; remake of 1947 film; John Ewart, John Howard, Nicole Kidman; 91 min.; Kidman's film debut

Windrider (Vincent Monton, 1986) aka Making Waves; prod. Paul D. Barron, Barron Films, Bush Christmas Productions, wr. Everett de Roche; Simon Chilvers, Tom Burlinson, Nicole Kidman, Jill Perryman, Charles Tingwell; Perth, WA; budget $2.5mill; dist. Hoyts; 25 December 1986; 35mm.; 92 min.

Fran (Glenda Hambly, 1985) prod. David Rapsey for Barron Films, exec. prod. Paul D. Barron, Bush Christmas Productions, wr. Glenda Hambly, dp Jan Kenny; Noni Hazlehurst loses her children as wards of the state due to her failure as a mother; funded partly by the WA Film Council and shot in Perth; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 94 min.

I Own the Racecourse (Stephen Ramsey, 1985) wr. John Edwards, Stephen Ramsey from novel by Patricia Wrightson, prod. John Edwards, Timothy Read, exec. prod. Paul D. Barron, Barron Entertainment; Gully Coote, Tony Barry, Norman Kaye, Rodney Burke, Paul Bertram, Brett Climo, Bob Ellis, Safier Redsepaski; gullible teenager involved in doping scheme

Clowning Around (George Whaley, 1992) wr. Shane Brennan, Tom Cavanagh, David Martin, prod. Antonia Barnard, Paul D. Barron, Barron Entertainment, dp Laszlo Baranyai; aka Clowning Sim; Clayton Williamson (Sim, 13), Ernie Dingo; shot in Perth WA as a feature but shown as a mini-series

Tudawali (Steve Jodrell, 1987) prod. Paul D. Barron, Julia Overton, wr. Alan Seymour, dp. Michael Edols, prod. design Phil Peters, ed. Kerry Regan; Ernie Dingo, Jedda Cole, Peter Fisher, Frank Wilson, Charles Tingwell, Suzanne Peveril, Bill McCluskey, Michelle Torres; WA; made for TV, docu-drama about Aboriginal actor, Robert Tudawali; 91 min.

Shame (Steve Jodrell, 1988) Barron Films; Deborra-Lee Furness; WA; location Toodyay; 94 min.

Waltz through the Hills, A (Frank Arnold, 1988) wr. John Goldsmith, novel Gerry Glaskin, prod. Paul D. Barron, Roz Berrystone; Andre Jansen, Ernie Dingo, Tina Kemp, Dan O'Herlihy, Geoffrey Atkins, Maggie Wilde West, Margaret Ford, Geoffrey Gibbs, Robert Faggetter, Pippa Williamson (farmer's wife); AFI Best Actor Ernie Dingo, 1988; Pater Award Best Children's Drama, 1988; made in WA; 100 min.

Daisy and Simon (Stasch Radwanski Jr., 1989) aka Where the Outback Ends; prod. Pamela Borain & Paul D. Barron, Barron Films, assisted inter alia by the WA Film Commission, 35 mm., 106 min.; Sean Scully, Jan Adele, Peter Hardy; comedy based on age difference; Perth [WA] accountant gradually falls for an older woman after he helps out on her property; tired and unoriginal drama

Father (John Power, 1990) wr. Tony Cavanaugh, Graham Hartley, dp Dan Burstall, prod. Damien Parer, Tony Cavanaugh, Graham Hartley, Paul D. Barron; Barron Films, Leftbank Productions, Transcontinental Films, music Peter Best; Max von Sydow, Carole Drinkwater, Julia Blake, Steve Jacobs, Simone Robertson, Kahli Sneddon, Nicholas Bell, Tim Robertson, Bruce Alexander; Joe Mueller (Max von Sydow) may have committed war crimes as Franz Kessler, SS, 1945; reviewed Jan Epstein, Cinema Papers, 81, December 1990: 28-31

Blackfellas (James Ricketson, 1993) prod. Paul D. Barron et al.; John Moore (Doug), David Ngoombujarra (Floyd), Jaylene Riley (Polly), Ernie Dingo, Julie Hudspeth, John Hargreaves, Lisa Kinchela; AFI awards for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Ngoombujarra)

Clowning Around 2 (George Whaley, 1993) wr. Ranald Allan, Barron Films; Clayton Williamson (Sim, 13), Ernie Dingo, Margaret Ford; shot in Perth as a feature but shown as a mini-series

Singapore Sling (Robert Marchand, 1993) wr. John Goldsmith, Robert Marchand, Barron Entertainment, AFFC, NSW FTO, Nine, WA Film Council; John Waters, Burkhard Heyl, Deborra-Lee Furness, Jan-Michael Vincent; telemovie

Natural Justice: Heat (Scott Hartford-Davis, 1996) tele-feature, prod. Paul D. Barron, dp Russell Bacon; Claudia Karvan, Steve Bastoni, Sonia Todd, John Moore, Martin Jacobs, Jeremy Sims, Igor Sas, Maurie Ogden, Lynette Narkle; shot and set in York, WA; pre-sold Channel 7; 93 min.

Devil Game, The (Michael Carson, 1997) Barron Entertainment; Jacqueline McKenzie, Andy Anderson, Guy Pearce, Asher Keddie; telemovie, drama

Southern Cross (Mark DeFriest, 2001) wr. Ron Elliott, story Paul Barron, prod. Paul D. Barron, remake of A Waltz Through the Hills (Frank Arnold, 1988) from the novel by Gerry Glaskin; Heath Bergersen, Bill Kerr, Michael Loney, Geoff Kelso; two Vietnamese children escape from an institution for refugees, and make their way to Perth


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