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As Producer

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Whatever Happened to Green Valley? (Peter Weir, 1973) prod. Anthony Buckley; doco; Housing Commission estate in Western Sydney

Fifth Facade: The Making of the Sydney Opera House (Donald Crombie, 1974) prod. Anthony Buckley, dp Bruce Hillyard, ed. Richard Hndley; doco about the Sydney Opera House, including its opening; Jorn Utzon, Sam Wanamaker; 28 min.

Steam Train Passes, A (1974) prod. Anthony Buckley; doco about loco 3801; 21 min.

Caddie (Donald Crombie, 1976) wr. Joan Long, prod. Anthony Buckley; Helen Morse, Takis Emmanuel, Jack Thompson, Jacki Weaver, Melissa Jaffer, Ron Blanchard, Drew Forsythe, Kirrili Nolan, Lynette Curran, June Salter, John Ewart, John Gaden, Jane Harders, Phillip Hinton, Mary Mackay, Lucky Grills, Robyn Nevin, Simon Hinton, Marianne Howard, Pat Everson, Carmel Cullen, Brian Nyland, Willie Fennell, Les Foxcroft, Jack Allen

Irishman, The (Donald Crombie, 1978) prod. Anthony Buckley for Forest Home Films, wr. Donald Crombie from the novel by Elizabeth O'Conner, dp Peter James, music Charles Marawood, design Graham Walker, ed. Tim Wellburn; Simon Burke, Michael Craig, Vincent Ball, Tony Barry, Bryan Brown, Lou Brown, Gerard Kennedy, Robyn Nevin; drama of 1920s Qld, filmed Charters Towers; Gevacolor, 35mm, 110 min.

Night the Prowler, The (Jim Sharman, 1979) aka Patrick White's The Night the Prowler; prod. Anthony Buckley for Chariot Films, wr. Patrick White from his short story, dp David Sanderson, design Luciana Arrighi, ed. Sara Bennett; Terry Camilleri, Ruth Cracknell, John Derum, John Frawley, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Kerry Walker; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min.

History of Australian Cinema 1896-1940, prod. Anthony Buckley; three parts: 1896-1920, The Pictures That Moved (Alan Anderson, 1968) wr. Joan Long, 1920-1930, The Passionate Industry (Joan Long, 1971) 1930-1940, Now You're Talking (Keith Gow, 1979)

Buckley's Chance (Mick Rodger, 1980) prod. Anthony Buckley; Wally Blakeney, Peter Carroll, Jade Christian, Paul Chubb, Lillian Crombie, Lynette Curran, Heath Harris, Alexander Hay, Redmond Phillips, Tim Robertson (William Buckley); short; 30 min.

The Killing of Angel Street (Donald Crombie, 1981) prod. Anthony Buckley, Forest Home Films, wr. Michael Craig, Cecil Holmes, Evan Jones, music Brian May; Elizabeth Alexander, John Hargreaves, Reg Lye, Alexander Archdale; Hargreaves' character, Elliott, is based on Jack Mundey, and Elizabeth Alexander's character, Jessica Simmonds, is based on the Juanita Nielsen case, about the Sydney woman who disappeared in 1975 at the height of her involvement in the struggles of King's Cross residents and their supporters against a large-scale development project; political thriller; cf. Heatwave

Kitty and the Bagman (Donald Crombie, 1983) prod. Anthony Buckley for Forest Home Films for Adams Packer Film Productions, wr. John Burnie, Phillip Cornford, dp Dean Semler, music Brian May, design Owen Williams, ed. Timothy Wellburn; Liddy Clark, Reg Evans, John Ewart, Val Lehman, Colette Mann, Gerard McGuire, John Stanton; comedy drama set Sydney 1920s, feud between two crime queens; colour, Panavision, 35mm, 98 min.

Palace of Dreams (Peter James, 1984) Anthony Buckley Films; doco about the State Theatre in Sydney; contains film historical material; 25 min.

Bliss (Ray Lawrence, 1985) prod. Anthony Buckley for Window III Productions, wr. Peter Carey and Ray Lawrence from the novel by Peter Carey, dp Paul Murphy, music Peter Best, design Owen Patterson, ed. Wayne le Clos; Lynette Curran, Helen Jones, Barry Otto, Tim Robertson, Miles Buchanan, Gia Carides; Eastman colour, 35 mm, 115 min.

beDevil (Tracey Moffatt, 1993) prod. Anthony Buckley; avant-garde trilogy of ghost stories, first major feature from an Aboriginal director, Tracey Moffatt; Mister Chuck, Choo, Choo, Choo; Lovin' the Spin I'm In; 90 min.

Dad and Dave: On Our Selection (George Whaley, 1995) wr. George Whaley, stories by Steele Rudd, prod. Anthony Buckley; Leo McKern, Geoffrey Rush, Joan Sutherland, Ray Barrett, Noah Taylor, Barry Otto

Potato Factory, The (Robert Marchand, 1999) prod. Anthony Buckley; miniseries

Jessica (Peter Andrikidis, 2004) mini-series, wr. Peter Yeldham, novel Bryce Courtenay, prod. Anthony Buckley, exec. prod. Bob Campbell & Des Monaghan, music Paul Grabowsky; Leeanna Walsman, Sam Neill, Lisa Harrow, Tony Martin, John Howard, Heather Mitchell, Kerry Walker, Peter Sumner, John Gregg, Huw Higginson, Megan Dorman, Natasha Wanganeen (Young Actor Award AFI 2004)

Oyster Farmer (Anna Reeves, 2004) prod. Anthony Buckley, Piers Tempest, wr. Anna Reeves, dp Alun Bollinger; Alex O'Lachlan, Kerry Armstrong, David Field, Diana Glenn, Jack Thompson, David Kelly, Jim Norton, Claudia Harrison, Alan Cinis; romantic comedy set in Australia-style frontier country (shot on NSW Central Coast, around Brooklyn) with eighth-generation oyster farmers: Vietnam Vets with shotguns; Toronto FF September 2004; Aust release 30 June 2005; 90 min.

Drylands (Bruce Beresford, 2013) prod. Anthony Buckley, Jonathan Shteinman, novel Thea Astley; Sam Neill, Greta Scacchi

As Editor

Stowaway (Lee Robinson & Ralph Habib, 1958) aka Le passager clandestin; novel by Georges Simenon; Southern International; dp Desmond Dickinson, assistant editor Anthony Buckley (his first feature); Martine Carol, Karlheinz Böhm, Serge Reggiani, Arletty, Roger Livesey, Reg Lye, Maea Flohr; aventure drama

Age of Consent (Michael Powell, 1969) wr. Peter Yeldham from book by Norman Lindsay, ed. Anthony Buckley; James Mason, Helen Mirren, Neva Carr-Glynn, Jack MacGowran; aging artist inspired by girl

Adam's Woman (Phillip Leacock, 1970) aka Return of the Boomerang (working title), prod. Louis F. Edelman, ed. Anthony Buckley, music Bob Young, 116 min.; Beau Bridges, Jane Merrow, John Mills, Andrew Keir, Peter Collingwood, Harold Hopkins, James Booth, Clarissa Kaye, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Katy Wild, Helen Morse, Tracy Reed; historical 'convict western'

That Lady From Peking (Eddie Davis, 1971) Goldsworthy Productions (Reg Goldsworthy, with Commonwealth United Corporation, US), ed. Anthony Buckley; Carl Betz, Nancy Kwan, Bobby Rydell, ... Ruth Cracknell, ... Jack Thompson; A defecting Russian diplomat is murdered in Hong Kong while trying to give his story to a world-famous author, Max Foster (Betz); Foster's attempts to find the diplomat's diary bring him to Sydney, with Chinese, Russian and American spies in hot pursuit; budget $300k

Wake in Fright (Ted Kotcheff, 1971) aka Outback (US); wr. Evan Jones, novel Kenneth Cook, dp Brian West, ed. Anthony Buckley; Gary Bond (John Grant), Donald Pleasance (Doc Tydon), Chips Rafferty (Jock Crawford), Sylvia Kay, Jack Thompson, John Meillon, Peter Whittle, Al Thomas, John Armstrong, Slim de Grey, Maggie Dence, Norman Erskine, Buster Fiddess, Tex Foote, Owen Moase, John Dalleen, Colin Hughes, Mark Jackson, Nancy Knudsen, Dawn Lake, Harry Lawrence, Robert McDarra, Carlo Manchini, Liam Reynolds; suspenser; last film of Chips Rafferty and Buster Fiddess; Kotcheff went on to direct the first Rambo film First Blood; filmed Broken Hill

Demonstrator (Warwick Freeman, 1971) prod. David Brice, James Fishburn for Freeman-Fishburn International and Act One, wr. Kit Denton, novel Elizabeth & Don Campbell, dp John McLean, ed. Anthony Buckley; Canberra; Michael Aitkens, Slim de Grey, Noel Ferrier, Ken Goodlet, Harold Hopkins, Irene Inescourt, Joe James, Gerard Maguire, Max Meldrum, Kenneth Tsang, Doreen Warburton, John Warwick; set during anti-Vietnam demos

Choice, The (Donald Crombie, 1971) ed. Anthony Buckley; doco on drugs in schools; 34 min.

Incredible Floridas (Peter Weir, 1972) ed. Anthony Buckley; on composer Richard Meale and his homage to Arthur Rimbaud; short, 13 min.; included in the Peter Weir Short Film Collection (2005)

Sunstruck (James Gilbert, 1972) aka The Education of Stanley Evans, wr. Stan Mars, ed. Anthony Buckley; Harry Secombe, Maggie Fitzgibbon, John Meillon, Dawn Lake, Peter Whittle, Bobby Limb, Norman Erskine, Jack Allen, Derek Nimmo; Secombe arrives Kookaburra Springs to run the local school; comedy

Caravan Park (Phillip Noyce, 1973) short, Australian Film and Television School, wr. Phillip Noyce, story John Emery, dp Tom Cowan, ed. Anthony Buckley, sound Barry Brown, production assistant Gillian Armstrong; Beryl Marshall, Les Berryman, Mathew Kay; after their car breaks down, a family moves into a caravan park while they try to raise the money needed for the necessary repairs; 14 min.

Don Quixote (Rudolf Nureyev & Robert Helpmann, 1973) ed. Anthony Buckley; Robert Helpmann, Ray Powell, Rudolf Nureyev; film of the Ludwig Minkus ballet

Removalists, The (Tom Jeffrey, 1975) prod. Margaret Fink, wr. David Williamson, ed. Anthony Buckley; Jacki Weaver, John Hargreaves, Peter Cummins, Martin Harris, Chris Haywood, Kate Fitzpatrick; domestic drama

When Will the Birds Return? (Bob Kingsbury, 1975) ed. Anthony Buckley; doco on Darwin after Cyclone Tracy; 52 min.

Do I Have to Kill My Child? (Donald Crombie, 1976) telemovie; wr. Donald Crombie, Anne Deveson; Willie Fennell, Brendon Lunney, Jacki Weaver; woman cannot cope with third child; 53 min.

As Director

They Shot Through Like a Bondi (Anthony Buckley, Stewart Young, 1963) doco about trams; 25 min.

When the River Was the Only Road (Anthony Buckley, 1964) doco about paddle steamers; 25 min.

Here Remains a Memory (Anthony Buckley, Stewart young, 1965) doco about The Rocks; 25 min.

Forgotten Cinema: The Golden Age of Australian Motion Pictures (Anthony Buckley, 1967) compilation doco; Phil Haldeman (narrator), Elsa Chauvel, Bert Cross, Ken G. Hall; 56 min.

Snow, Sand and Savages: The Life of Frank Hurley (Anthony Buckley, 1972) narration by Leo McKern; 45 min.; available from Umbrella Entertainment on a 2-DVD set together with South (Frank Hurley, 1919) doco about the Ernest Shackleton expedition to the South Pole 1911-14


Anthony Buckley 2009, Behind a Velvet Light Trap: A Filmaker's Journey from Cinesound to Cannes, Hardie Grant Books, Prahran.

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