Australasian Cinema > producers. I'll include distributors and exhibitors here.

Some Australasian Film Producers

Phillip Adams
Amalgamated Pictures
Lizzette Atkins/Unicorn Films
Australian Life Biograph Company
Paul D. Barron
Boulevard Films (Frank Howson)
Richard Brennan
Anthony Buckley
E.J. and Dan Carroll
Al Clark
Rosa Colosimo
Stanley Crick (Australian Photo-Play Company)
Crick & Finlay
Stuart Doyle
Film Corporation of Western Australia
Forest Home Films (Anthony Buckley, Donald Crombie)
Antony I. Ginnane
Hexagon Productions
Huntaway Films
Johnson & Gibson ( > Amalgamated Pictures)
David Jowsey
Patricia Lovell
Pathé Frères
David Rapsey
Norman Rydge
Emile Sherman
Southern International Pictures (Lee Robinson, Chips Rafferty)
Charles Cozens Spencer
J. & N. Tait ( > Amalgamated Pictures)

See also: the Combine.

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