Les amants

Les amants (Louis Malle, 1958) Jeanne Moreau and some blokes

What a silly film! I haven’t researched it at all, but suppose it’s based on some novel or other, as that may have been seen as justifying the ‘helpful’ voice-over. This attempts to make sense of a rich woman – who already has a hubby and a polo-champ Spanish lover - going off into the unknown with some bloke who just happens to have given her a lift when her car breaks down – without being allowed to bring even her makeup case! I just mistyped ‘given her a life’ (instead of 'lift'). Maybe my typo gives me a hint to the ‘meaning’ of the film. But I can’t see Jeanne Moreau’s character as having a life at any stage. She acts like a complete upper-class twit throughout.

I might say that the real hero of the film is Johannes Brahms and his Sex(!)tet for Strings, op.18. Aimez-vous Brahms?

Garry Gillard | New: 4 March, 2017 | Now: 29 January, 2023