American Dreamer

American Dreamer (Rick Rosenthal, 1984)

JoBeth Williams, Tom Conti, Giancarlo Giannini, Coral Browne

Frustrated housewife/writer Cathy Palmer ghostwrites a story about Rebecca Ryan, a dashing international spy, and wins a trip to Paris.

I watched American Dreamer (Rick Rosenthal, 1984) in the My Cousin series of viewings – because my cousin Coral Browne is in it. She’s fourth in the cast list, but it’s a small part, and she plays it in the stagy way (watch as I anticipate then react to this situation/line!) she does all her film work. Ahead of her – apart from the negligible JoBeth Williams, who has almost all the screen time – are two very good actors: not only Tom Conti, but also Giancarlo Giannini – a brilliant actor here in a tiny, silly role. What a waste of time the whole enterprise is!

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