American Sniper

American Sniper (Clint Eastwood, 2014)

Bradley Cooper

This might be the most morally bankrupt film I've ever seen. It's about a true life coward who is seen as a 'hero' because of the large number of people ( > 160 'kills') he has murdered by shooting them from a long distance away - a distance which meant he himself was quite safe. That it was even thought of being made is bad enough. The Academy allowing it to be nominated for the award of Best Film compounded the wrong. The National Rifle Association must have been delighted: more licence to kill.

Although it is a better written and made film than The Hurt Locker which won the Oscar, American Sniper is just as determined to ring emotional bells for an America that has lost much of its self assurance on the world stage. The cynic might say the film was made to a) bolster national pride and b) win the Oscar. Films like ... American Sniper, about a US Marine fighting for 'freedom' are certain to gain advantage at voting time. Andrew Urban.

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