The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep (Howard Hughes, 1946) wr. William Faulkner et al.; Humphry Bogart, Lauren Bacall

This piece of rubbish is a vehicle for the Bogart-Bacall franchise in their first outing as a married couple. She was 22 but looks younger, he 47, but looks older. She's about as interesting a well-designed cardboard box, and he shows his usual complete indifference to the craft of acting. Apparently the girl who plays the other Sternwood sister was seen as so much more attractive that the producers reduced her time on the screen so that she wouldn't overshadow Mrs Bogart. All Bacall has to do is the kiss Bogie and say that she likes it. As he was a heavy smoker, she must have liked the smell and taste of stale tobacco if she did. When Bogart kisses a woman, because of there being something odd about his teeth/mouth, he looks to me like he's hooking on, like Nosferatu the vampire. (It's more obvious in Casablanca.)

There is no trace of Raymond Chandler's brilliant novel left here, except in some of Philip Marlowe's dialogue. Waste of time.

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