The Brasher Doubloon

The Brasher Doubloon (John Brahm, 1947) George Montgomery, Nancy Guild, Conrad Janis, Florence Bates

Philip Marlowe is hired when a rare doubloon is stolen, and he soon discovers that it is being used for blackmail purposes. Marlowe's involvement has him encounter a girl who goes into hysterics when touched by a man; a domineering mother; three corpses; a couple of scuffles in which he gets his clock cleaned; a secretary who killed her boss, which is the reason Raymond Chandler called his story The High Window, and a rich boy (who qualifies as a S.O.B. by two definitions) who is having trouble with the Mafia. So, what's not to like?

Raymond Chandler's novel The High Window was made into a movie twice. This is the later one. The earlier one was called Time to Kill (Herbert I. Leeds, 1942) with Lloyd Nolan as Marlowe.

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